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Momento Photoworks

November 30, 2010 13:00 ET

Your Portrait in 3D?

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 30, 2010) - Momento Photoworks may be the first portrait studio in Canada if not in the world to offer a full product line of 3D portraiture to its clients!

It's finally here! Your portrait in 3D! The latest trend in 3D technology isn't exclusive to Hollywood studios or Queen Elizabeth II, alone. Momento Photoworks, a Toronto-based high-end portrait studio, have managed to create life-like, impressive, three-dimensional portrait art imagery for its clients. Passionate about photography, Tassos Makrakis, Momento's lead photographer and co-owner, conducted extensive research and boldly added to Momento's repertoire of fine portraiture a new line of 3D portraiture. "Researching the possibilities of 3D photography has opened my mind to a whole new aspect of character portraiture. Creating a portrait that comes alive in 3D is so different and rewarding. I feel that this may be the re-birth of something very promising!" 

3D Photography has been around since 1838. While the technology has evolved on theatrical screens as more movies are increasingly being produced in 3D, photography studios have yet to venture beyond traditional 2D photography. Ahead of the competition, Momento Photoworks is now offering 3D portraits to its clients. With the equipment, expertise and the "know-how" to produce a dynamic and captivating 3D portrait, Momento is paving the trend for savvy consumers to come in and be among the rare few to experience a 3-dimensional portrait of themselves. "Moving closer towards a 3D portrait, opens up a new window of visual experience. In addition, it increases the appetite of the viewer to explore every detail in a unique way, not possible with traditional photographs. We love watching our client's reaction, as they view themselves in a 3D portrait for the very first time!" highlights Tassos Makrakis.

Though typically reserved for the discriminating client, Momento offers 3D portrait services at reasonable prices. Momento knows 3D portraits are the next big thing in personal portrait art. Profile magazines like Vogue Italy have recently begun experimenting with 3D in one of their recent issues featuring high fashion models in futuristic 3D images with great success.

"I can't think of anything that I see on a screen these days without thinking how much better it'd look in 3-D!" states James Cameron on the release of his latest 3D venture. "Seeing the results of our 3D portraiture line and the rave response of our clients, we agree with James Cameron that 3D is the highest level of visual content in the market today both on movies and in photography." believes Makrakis.

In addition to 3D wall portraits, Momento photoworks will be soon offering a new line of 3D wedding albums and 2D to 3D conversions from client's existing images.

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