April 09, 2014 09:00 ET

Your Smartphone Just Became Much Smarter -- Zoove Corp Launches StarStar myInfo

Free Contact-Sharing Feature Now Available From All Major Wireless Carriers

PALO ALTO, CA and NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 9, 2014) - With nothing more than a phone call, anyone can now share contact information. Zoove Corp., provider of the StarStar mobile platform, today announced the launch of StarStar myInfo (**my info), a free service that allows smartphone users to selectively share -- and dynamically update -- their personal and/or professional contact information through native mobile technology. With **myInfo, subscribers of the four major wireless carriers can instantly deliver their contact information by asking people to simply call ** plus their phone number.

**myInfo is free and requires no app or downloads of any kind. Users can create separate personal and professional profiles, enabling them to choose what information they share and with whom they share it. Furthermore, **myInfo's dynamic cloud contact-management allows users to receive real-time updates when their **myInfo contacts update their profile information.

"Our mobile phones are the central tool for contacts and communication -- so why not enable that device to handle the task? We all have a very unique and powerful personal identifier -- our phone number, **myInfo just puts that number to work," explained Joe Gillespie, CEO of Zoove. "Our solution requires no additional technology to download. It's a simple phone call and a text message. That's it."

To access and set up a **myInfo profile:

  • Dial **myInfo (**694636) from any supported smartphone.
  • A link to the user's unique **myInfo profile will arrive via text message.
  • The user will be prompted to enter his or her personal and professional contact information into two separate profiles. (Alternatively, users can sync with their LinkedIn accounts to dynamically populate their information, and edit from there.)
  • The user can then share their info in one of two ways:
    • 1. Manually enter the mobile number of the recipient they would like to send it to
    • 2. Direct recipients to dial ** + the user's mobile number to receive the user's info. (By default, users will be asked to approve all contact requests.)
  • For ongoing access to their profiles, users can add a **myInfo icon to their device's home screen or simply dial **myInfo.
  • Note: since **myInfo is already integrated into all smartphones, contact requests will be recognized even if the recipient hasn't previously used the service.

**myInfo comes from Zoove Corp., the company behind StarStar, the breakthrough mobile platform which has helped many of the world's top brands including CBS, Dunkin' Donuts, Ford, Hyatt, NFL and Verizon Wireless, connect with consumers through a simple ** dialing code for items such as sweepstakes, coupons, app downloads and more.

To learn more about **myInfo please go to To speak with Joe Gillespie, please contact Mark Ballard at or 212-680-0179.

About Zoove Corp
Zoove Corporation is the exclusive provider of StarStar, StarStarMe and StarStar myInfo, a unique mobile phone number that connects people with the things they care about most -- great content, favorite brands, and one another. Enabled across all major U.S. carriers, the StarStar platform empowers marketers to leverage media, mobile and marketing through a single platform, in order to create any offline-to-online brand experience they desire. StarStar drives millions of calls every year for the world's top brands including CBS, Dunkin' Donuts, Ford, Hyatt, NFL and Verizon Wireless. With offices in Chicago, New York and San Francisco, Zoove's solutions and mobile expertise enable marketers to deliver a more relevant on-the-go customer experience with unprecedented real-time metrics and media efficacy. To learn more, please visit or simply call **ZOOVE from any mobile device.

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