January 27, 2012 11:45 ET Contributes to Marketing & Advertising With Their Worldwide Video Contest

As if YouTube wasn't viral enough already - the award-winning video marketing expert team at threw even more fuel into the fire of viral marketing with this video contest they're putting together, a contest that will be closing in just ten days

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA--(Marketwire - Jan. 27, 2012) - Why the Rush? If you have an interesting video - of anything - that you'd like to market out there, you're going to want to submit your video for a chance to win over 50,000 views on it, courtesy of And everyone knows that that many views on YouTube can be the difference between viral superiority and, well, the stupid funny cat picture with the cheesy background music.

"The first step for a successful marketing campaign is getting the word out and creating a buzz about your product or service," says YouTube Networks CEO, Anthony Kay, "Once we establish a platform you can see figures skyrocket into literally millions of views. With video analysis tools you can see exactly which websites are providing you with the most traffic, allowing you to define your target audience, leading to a marketing strategy which is more direct and effective."

Established in 2009, YouTubeNetworks is a company dedicated to providing world class, personalized video marketing campaigns. With a consumer base consisting of over 50,000 high traffic partner sites they offer instant and frequent results on YouTube, in terms of viewing figures, likes, favorites, comments, channel views and subscribers. Results can be expected from between 24 - 48 hours.

At we understand that at times it may be difficult to get your foot in the game, and that is precisely why we have decided to give you the opportunity to win 50,000 Free YouTube views on your next video. All you have to do is go to the contest entry page, fill out the form and submit your video. The video with the highest amount of votes at the end of the contest will win 50,000 Free YouTube views! It's that simple!

Where many companies would spend a pretty penny for this type of publicity, we, will give it away absolutely FREE, no strings attached! We understand how difficult it can be to get your message out there, and that is why we decided to help out. Be sure to enter your video in the Win 50,000 Free YouTube views contest before it closes. All you need is your name, email, the title of the video and the URL and you're good to go!

Why Is This Such a Big Deal?

Think about it. It's YouTube. This is the pinnacle of video marketing and advertising, and right in the forefront is the remarkable team at Imagine the advertising prospects as your video goes sky-high upon winning.

50,000 hits is a big deal for YouTube. Some artists out there - whether it's dance, music, and literature, whatever - end up getting a major marketing boost with viral hits. Just look at Justin Bieber! That's how he got started.

Don't Miss the Opportunity

Remember - the deadline's coming up quick. So if you've got a video that's interesting, funny, quirky, and generally appealing to the gen ex'ers of cyberspace, please don't hesitate to send it in for this contest.

It can turn your hobby or interests or talents into something big, something viral and definitely something extraordinary.

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