SOURCE: Dr. Barry Weintraub, MD

October 15, 2008 09:34 ET

Yoyo Stock Market? Change Look; Save Livelihood

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - October 15, 2008) - Change your look. Save yourself. Sounds drastic, but it isn't. In the current economic climate, the people who'll prosper are those willing to take action.

On September 25th, the New York Times ran the article, "Tattoos Gain Even More Visibility":

The piece discusses how more people are getting tattoos on their necks and hands. It explains that these tattoos were once the province of gang members, etc. Now, the people getting these tattoos are from all walks of life. However, a strong concentration of them apparently work in the Arts.

The U.S., with a wildly yo-yoing stock market, is in crisis. This is reflected in the economy. More businesses are failing. There are fewer jobs.

The Arts take a drubbing during tough economic times. Jobs decline. What will become of people who have tattoos on their hands and necks, or piercings on their faces?

It would be nice to believe that companies hire on the basis of ability and work ethic alone. That would be wrong. As the article points out, companies can set standards for appearance. Some court cases have upheld this.

What does a person from a gallery do when out of work?

Fortunately there is good news. "In the early years of plastic surgery, we dealt with rectifying obvious defects," said Barry Weintraub, MD, a prominent, Park Avenue plastic surgeon who is the national spokesperson for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

"As years passed, we began helping people refine their looks even if there were no defects. First, it was actors and celebrities. The trend continued because it addressed a market driven reality."

"As much as we want to believe looks don't matter, studies show they matter a lot. People who are good looking have an advantage in many areas of life. If packaging didn't matter companies would sell their products in plain, brown boxes. They don't. Looks count."

Weintraub offers solace in the face of hardship. "You can change your look and help change your life. If you are changing professions and need to make yourself look fresher and more dynamic, a qualified plastic surgeon is your best resource."

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