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October 09, 2008 14:39 ET

Yves Lemoine of Toronto Hydro Energy Services to Speak About Demand Response at Major Industry Conference

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 9, 2008) - Yves Lemoine, Vice-President, Engineering and Business Development, Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc. (TH Energy), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toronto Hydro Corporation, will be speaking about their Demand Response program at EUCI's Demand Response and Energy Efficiency Canada conference in Toronto today.

On October 9th, he will present an industry analysis of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) Demand Response 3 Program (DR3) and explain how TH Energy can work with customers on their DR3 program, at the Demand Response and Energy Efficiency Canada conference. This conference will assess former, current, and future demand response solutions and energy efficiency management.

TH Energy is an aggregator under the DR3 program, and brings to the program a unique understanding of the electricity market in Ontario, along with more than ten years of experience.

"In signing a contract with the OPA to be part of the DR3 program, our customers will be able to react quickly when there is a stress on the electricity grid, and in return, they will receive financial benefits," says Lemoine.

TH Energy's demand response product is a load reduction program in which customers decrease their load whenever the OPA needs power. TH Energy customers will be able to earn a payment for being part of the program, and also get paid when they actually reduce load in response to a request which usually occurs during peak periods.

"We are a player and are actively in the market," says Lemoine. "Organizations are interested to learn that they will get paid for reducing load. But it's also important to work with an aggregator who understands the unique attributes of the Ontario electricity market. We've been in this business for over 10 years and are committed to providing conservation programs for our customers."

The program is designed to provide an opportunity for customers to receive financial benefits for actively participating in the Ontario electricity market by providing demand reduction when electricity demand is at its peak throughout the year.

"DR3 is a flexible, year-round program for managing Ontario's electricity supply that offers economic and reliability benefits for all Ontarians," says Ontario's Chief Energy Conservation Officer Peter Love. "Ontario must reduce its peak demand by 1,350 MW by the end of 2010 and 6,300 MW by the end of 2025. We welcome the participation of Toronto Hydro Energy Services as one of the program aggregators, and appreciate the contribution it will make to achieving these conservation goals."

Once a customer enrols in the DR3 program, TH Energy works with them to customize a plan that makes sense for their operation, while meeting the program requirements. In addition, TH Energy provides training, and works with their staff to ensure compliance in the program. TH Energy, which has clients from industrial, commercial, and institutional markets, is working with a number of organizations to develop their customized DR3 programs.

TH Energy has extensive experience helping customers with the design and implementation of demand response and energy management strategies with their customers across all market sectors.

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