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March 03, 2011 09:00 ET

Z-Wave Alliance Member Evolve Cuts Hotel Energy Use by 25-40 Percent

Thousands of Hotel Rooms Rely on Open Wireless Home Control Protocol for Energy Savings and Convenience

MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwire - March 3, 2011) - Convenience and energy management are among the many features that guests of the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas will now experience during their stay thanks to Evolve Guest Controls. A member of the Z-Wave Alliance, Evolve has designed, developed and implemented the single largest successful deployment of wireless RF lighting and energy management devices to date at the Wynn -- more than 65,000 devices in more than 2,800 rooms and suites.

"This is part of a much larger initiative and is one of many of deployments we are executing in hotels across the U.S.," noted Avi Rosenthal, vice president of Evolve Guest Controls. "We selected Z-Wave as our platform because it's an open protocol and, as such, allows us to listen to what our customers' needs are and then design around any potential roadblocks along the way. We believe Z-Wave is the best platform for hospitality and we're seeing ROI for our customers in as little as two years."

Evolve's Z-Wave solutions are also quick to install, requiring minimal downtime for hotels. The interoperable network allows the hotel to easily add new devices to the existing system to grow the network based on market demand.

GreenTech Media estimates the energy management market to grow to $750 million by 2015 and as interest in energy management solutions continues to grow, hotels are quickly realizing the benefits of these systems. Evolve's Hotel customers have reported a 25 to 40 percent savings since the deployment of the company's wireless RF system. In addition, with big-name vendors jumping on board to deploy energy management solutions, Z-Wave is quickly becoming a crucial enabling technology for residential and commercial energy management solutions.

"Z-Wave is making rapid inroads into energy management and this is testament to the technology's potential in a commercial environment outside the home," added Raoul Wijgergangs, chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance. "And once hotel guests experience the benefits of Z-Wave for themselves -- from energy management to convenience -- we're confident demand for wireless home control systems will continue to grow."

About Evolve Guest Controls
Evolve Guest Controls was created to bring energy efficiency to the hospitality industry through its use of wireless RF technology, manufacturing expertise, and ground-breaking software development. Through the years, the Company has expanded its energy efficient suite of products to include a full range of comprehensive lighting control and room automation solutions. With the addition of our back-office system EvolveNet, Evolve Guest Controls has extended in-room automation and monitoring access to the engineering staff, housekeeping, and the front desk. The Company continues its expansion into the OEM arena, in addition to a variety of industries and applications worldwide. For more information about Evolve, please visit

About Z-Wave
Z-Wave is an award-winning, proven and interoperable wireless mesh networking technology that allows a wide array of devices in and around the home to communicate including lighting, appliances, HVAC, entertainment centers and security systems. Developed by Sigma Designs, Z-Wave brings many benefits to everyday life including remote home monitoring, home healthcare, safety and security, and energy conservation. Z-Wave certified products are currently available from leading consumer brands in 450 products world-wide. For more information about Z-Wave, please visit

About the Z-Wave Alliance
Formed in January 2005, the Z-Wave Alliance is a consortium of leading companies in the home technology space dedicated to solidifying Z-Wave as the standard for wireless home control products. The principal members include 2Gig, Cooper Wiring Devices, Danfoss, FAKRO, Ingersoll-Rand, Leviton, Sigma Designs and Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI). Its members lead the home controls market, providing leading edge products and systems that deliver increased comfort, convenience, energy conservation, safety and security. Z-Wave technology is the foundation of all products manufactured by the Alliance members. For more information about the Z-Wave Alliance, visit

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