Zacuto USA

June 27, 2012 17:53 ET

Zacuto Announces Ratcheting Levers

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Jun 27, 2012) - Adjusting your gear in the field just got easier! Zacuto's ratcheting levers give you the freedom to fine-tune your adjustments without the hassle traditional levers pose, and allow you to upgrade your existing equipment without having too new of gear.

Previous levers on Zacuto gear were fine-tuned using precise shims that would tighten in the particular orientations needed for each part. It was an art in which a skilled Zacuto product assembler could tune a lever within 5 degrees of rotation, but the weakness of a non-ratcheting lever is just that -- the rotation.

When loosening a non-ratcheting lever, a user would have to rotate the lever close to 180 degrees to go from tight to loose. 

"This rotation is usually not a complication, but there are times when you're maxing out your rod space and you have a mount next to another mount that's right next to your follow focus and then you realize you really need a ratcheting lever," said Patrick Fee, Product Designer.

Another great benefit our ratcheting levers have over the levers you'd find on competitors' gear is that the screw we use bottoms out in the piece and the lever rotates around that. This means you're not going to accidentally unscrew your lever out of your rig and lose it. When the lever is loosened the screw that it rotates on stays snug on the piece.

Many Zacuto products are now shipping with the ratcheting levers but customers have the ability to upgrade existing equipment where needed. You can purchase your ratcheting levers individually or as a kit

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