Zacuto USA

May 04, 2011 12:50 ET

Zacuto Films Releases New Behind the Scenes Documentary Web Series

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - May 4, 2011) - Emmy Award winning production house launches new web series -- bts. The webisodic series goes behind-the-scenes and offers an in-depth, first-hand look at the collaboration needed to put a film together. It reveals "what really happens" while shooting on location in a foreign country and exposes some of the unforeseen events in the process of filmmaking. In this "documentary about making documentaries," the Zacuto Films production team travels to Rwanda to follow Director T.C. Johnstone and Producer Greg Kwedar during the last 18 days of filming "Rising From Ashes," a film about Rwanda's first national cycling team.

"I'm very proud of this series," says Director Steve Weiss. "We focused on our story, which is T.C. & Greg's journey to complete their film. The cyclists are irrelevant to our story and it was hard for all of us to grapple with that. But once we did, our story became evident. If you are looking to see footage of guys shooting or find out what gear they used, this is not the show for you. This is an emotional journey of what filmmakers go through to create films."

The premiere webisode of bts, "Hit the Ground Running," captures nerve-racking moments of torrential rains, oncoming traffic, language barriers, shifty currency exchanges and mass crowds of children flocking around the film crews. "You want to know our world?" says Kwedar. "This is bts -- an unapologetic, brutal look into the making of our documentary Rising from Ashes. What you see is what happened. There are no gimmicks or cheap parlor tricks. It's inspiring to see our journey played out on screen. This is documentary filmmaking." The bts series follows four filmmakers, making two separate films, on one location. Watch what happens when a documentary turns into a reality. Intense. Dramatic. Epic.

Zacuto Films produces original programming. Creators Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn produced their first Emmy Nominated web series, "FilmFellas" in December 2008. They won a 2010 Emmy Award for Best Informational Program for their 3-part web series: The Great Camera Shootout 2010: a DSLR Comparison test. Coming in June, The Great Camera Shootout 2011: a documentary about the Single Chip Camera Evaluation (SCCE) conducted by Robert Primes, ASC. For more information on the Zacuto Films line-up of programs, visit or follow @Zacuto on Twitter.