Zacuto, USA

January 20, 2011 14:40 ET

Zacuto Jumper: New Accessory for DSLR Baseplate

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - January 20, 2011) - Zacuto, USA announces the Jumper, an accessory for anyone who owns the Zacuto DSLR Baseplate, or a kit that contains the DSLR baseplate.

The Jumper can be used with any Gorilla Kit, for run and gun abilities, or while shooting on a tripod. The Gorilla Kits consist of the Target Shooter or Striker. The Striker is a lightweight rig with the points of contact focused on having one hand on the handgrip, the gunstock in your chest and your focusing hand on the lens. The Target Shooter, Zacuto's lightest and most adjustable kit, includes both hands on the camera and the gunstock in your chest. To have an additional point of contact with the Target Shooter, one can attach either of our Zacuto Z-Finders.

One can quickly go into gorilla style shooting by releasing the top plate of the DSLR Baseplate, attaching the Jumper and inserting a rod. The Jumper attaches to the top quick-releasable section of the DSLR Baseplate and can then position a vertical rod through the Jumper's 15mm hole to set up these Gorilla Kits.

"When I use my camera with the DSLR Baseplate, it is for a stable fundament," says DP & Filmmaker, Stefan Czech. "I use my camera as a stable handheld unit with the Target Shooter, but I am a fan of the Jumper because sometimes it is very important to switch between the rigs quickly; the Jumper allows me to do so."

The Zacuto Jumper is developed by Zacuto, USA, the leading independent filmmaking accessories maker in the professional market. The jumper is available at a Zacuto worldwide dealer: or at

Zacuto, located in Chicago, Illinois, is known for their "Made in the USA" brand of high quality, originally designed DSLR camera accessories. Zacuto was the first to recognize DSLR as a revolutionary game changer. Their rental house division builds custom camera packages and delivers nationwide. Zacuto Films produces original programming and most recently, one of their webisodic programs: "The Great Camera Shootout 2010" won a 2010 Emmy Award. For more information, visit