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November 04, 2011 14:12 ET

Zacuto Ready With Kits to Outfit the New Canon EOS C300 Camera

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Nov 4, 2011) - On November 3rd, Canon announced the release of their newest camera, the EOS C300. The Zacuto research and development team has spent the last few months working on a variety of Canon C300 stabilization rigs as well as many C300 camera accessories.

"This camera rocks. The codec and the way they strip the image off the sensor is the key. It's new and innovative. I watched films shot at 850 to 5000 ISO and even higher on a 50' screen at the Canon event and the image was just stellar. It was completely grainless," says Zacuto Product Designer and Director, Steve Weiss. "I know many people are going to get hung up in the numbers, but DON'T. You need to see the image before judgment. The Canon C300 works like a video camera with all of the creature comforts that a video camera affords. It's great having XLR inputs, level control, hot swappable cards and more."

Zacuto anticipates the Canon C300 camera to be extremely popular, albeit a different market than its predecessor, the Canon 5D mark II. The company has developed two new baseplates specifically for this Canon EOS camera -- a Gorilla style baseplate and a new studio style baseplate. Both baseplates feature improvements on the original design as well as many benefits for use with the Canon EOS C300. Zacuto has a whole line of C300 camera accessories geared towards this Canon EOS camera as well as four new rigs. These rigs range in size for different shooting scenarios from quick run'n'gun shooting to all day shoulder mounted shooting. Zacuto is offering Target Shooter, Striker and Stinger style rigs as well as the new and unique Recoil kit.

"I love our designs," says Zacuto Product Designer, Jens Bogehegn. "We spent a lot of time working with our five-man engineering team and really tried to think out all of the possible scenarios of how you would use this camera. I think the real difference between what we did and what I saw others do at the November 3rd Canon event is that other manufactures are trying to build this camera up into a either a really heavy handheld Gorilla style rig or a enormous feature style studio rig. This camera is already tall and these cages are making the camera taller. This will make the camera unbelievably top heavy in shoulder mode or just heavy in handheld mode, creating an awful rocking motion. We think the key is to keep the camera kit short like our Recoil kit. At the event, the Panel of DP's and directors who made the films we watched all talked about how liberating it was to have a super light camera. What's the point of making a light stealthy camera if you can't keep it light? This is why we are focusing on getting rid of the studio battery packs, heavy cages and motors. We keep the rigs light, which coincidentally makes them less expensive."

For a full list of rigs and C300 camera accessories, click here.

Zacuto, located in Chicago, Illinois, is known for their "Made in the USA" brand of high quality, originally designed camera accessories. Zacuto Films produces original programming and just recently won a 2010 Emmy Award for one of their webisodic programs: The Great Camera Shootout 2010. For more information, visit or follow @Zacuto on Twitter.