Zacuto, USA

December 03, 2010 13:54 ET

Zacuto Releases iPhone Point 'N' Shoot to Work With All iPhones and Cameras

With the Success of the iPhone 4, Zacuto USA, DSLR Film Accessories Manufacturer, Introduces an iPhone Accessory

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - December 3, 2010) -  With the growing demand of accessories for the iPhone, Zacuto, USA Product Designers, Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn have released a small, quick, and portable handgrip stabilization system called, the iPhone Point 'N' Shoot. This Point 'N' Shoot allows users to professionally record video and still pictures with all iPhone versions and Point 'N' Shoot Cameras.

The Zacuto Point 'N' Shoot features a Zacuto quick release, to easily store your iPhone or camera in small pockets on the go, and a ¼ 20" thread on the bottom of the Zacuto handgrip to easily mount to any tripod.

"Personally, the iPhone can get hard to hold and shoot video at the same time with the 16x9 horizontal aspect ratio," says Jens Bogehegn, Product Designer for Zacuto, USA. "We really wanted to transform this Point 'N' Shoot into a manageable filmmaking tool."

For stable and smooth ease of shooting, simply press your iPhone into the cradle and snap back onto the handgrip. Then, press any iPhone into the grips and snap back onto the handgrip to allow instant steady shooting.

"I am a huge fan of using point and shoot cameras," says Steve Weiss, Product Designer and Director for Zacuto, USA. "I made the Z-grip Pro for run 'n' gun shooting of my daughter on daily excursions, and when we released it to the public, it took off. Thus, you get amazing horizontally straight and steady shots. Without the Point 'N' Shoot, you would not be able to get these shots."

Have an existing Zacuto Point 'N' Shoot Pro for your camera? If so, the iPhone Cradle can upgrade the Z-grip Jr. and Pro to the iPhone Point 'N' Shoot. Other iPhone accessories from Zacuto include Zgrip iPhone Jr. and Pro.

About Zacuto:

Zacuto, USA camera accessories manufacturer, opened in 2000 primarily as a rental house and is now known for their Zacuto, USA brand of high quality, originally designed camera accessories. Zacuto was the first to recognize DSLR as a revolutionary game changer. Zacuto also produces original programming and most recently, their webisodic program: "The Great Camera Shootout 2010" won a 2010 Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement for Informational Programs. For more information, visit