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July 25, 2012 16:21 ET

Zacuto Releases Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout Part Two

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Jul 25, 2012) - On Sunday, July 15th, the unlabeled camera footage from Zacuto's Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout Part Two was revealed online to audiences worldwide. The results of the blind camera test left film experts -- as well as laymen enthusiasts -- enlightened, humored and somewhat humbled! 

Last month at the conclusion of Part One viewers were asked to choose which cameras were the most pleasing to them. Expert cinematographers operated cameras ranging from the high-end all the way down to consumer friendly iPhone

Part Two includes the live reveal at Skywalker Ranch earlier this year to an audience that included Francis Ford Coppola. Live screenings and reveals also took place in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, London, Germany, Singapore, Netherlands, Sydney, and more. Preconceived notions of a camera's performance ability were shattered and the points made about the subjectivity of these tests were made crystal clear. 

The cameras and their DPs in the order they were shown are:

Camera A - Nancy Schreiber ASC
Camera B - Colt Seman, Johnny Zeller
Camera C - Ryan Walters
Camera D - Michael Koerbel
Camera E - Polly Morgan
Camera F - Rodney Charters
Camera G - Michael Negrin ASC
Camera H - Sony Approved Cinematographer
Camera I - Mick Jones, Den Lennie

The biggest surprise by far was the overwhelming response to footage shot with the $700 Panasonic GH2 by DoP Colt Seman and Johnny Zeller. Another surprise was the quality of the iPhone footage shot by Michael Koerbel. The audience choices were varied, as expected, proving that the test is subjective and everyone will choose based on their personal tastes.

Not only did RGCSO make waves on the Zacuto website, Gizmodo, Yahoo, and EOSHD featured the camera showdown.

Viewer feedback on the Zacuto website include:

"Once again, this is a beautiful testament to cinematic art and the tremendous influence of personal vision in a test like this." - Eddie Avinashi

"Even if you're only a part time 'cinematographer' this is a great piece on the creative process. Bottom line, it's not necessarily the equipment that makes the image." - Bill Mills

"This is incredibly inspiring to hear from all these great Cinematographers. As someone who is 14 years old and wants to be a professional cinematographer, it's so encouraging to hear all this." - Blake Larson

The last segment will go live on Wednesday, August 15th. The final installment of the three-part documentary covers the empirical tests that will be sure to satisfy those influenced by how the cameras measure up on paper.

Click here to watch RGCSO Part Two online.

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