Zacuto, USA

January 26, 2011 14:40 ET

Zacuto, USA Expands Dealer Network Worldwide

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - January 26, 2011) - Zacuto, USA is the designer and manufacturer of an internationally acclaimed line of DSLR filmmaking accessories and kits. With the expansion of DSLR filmmaking, Zacuto is continually growing domestically as well as internationally, with both professional video retailers, and photo retailers. In 2009, Zacuto named a US photo distributor, OmegaBrandess, to expand into the photo market. Now with Zacuto's 140 dealers worldwide, one can buy Zacuto equipment almost anywhere in the world. Check our map to find a Zacuto Dealer near you. 

Many of Zacuto's worldwide dealers are fully equipped with the Zacuto product line, however, the range of products stocked will vary depending on the dealer. Some dealers provide showrooms to enable customers to get a hands-on sense for the equipment.

"The Zacuto line of products in our catalog opened up a new world of possibilities for the photo retailer," says Jeff Seidel, Director of Sales & Service for OmegaBrandess Distribution, "Consumers who have purchased DSLR's like the Canon 5DMkII are amazed by the quality of the video it produces, but have been frustrated by the inability to focus or hold their cameras steady to shoot video. With the Zacuto Z-Finder as one of our top sellers in 2010, Zacuto leads the way in a bold new category for us that benefits all products related to DSLR video."

Some Zacuto gear that can be found mainly through photo retailers are the Zacuto Z-Finder Pro and Z-Finder Jr., optical viewfinders for DSLR cameras, as well as the Zacuto Gorilla line, entry-level DSLR filmmaking support gear. Nevertheless, all Zacuto gear from the catalog is available through any worldwide dealer; it may just be a special order.

All dealers may not have showrooms; and possibly only have an online retail store. To find out more about all the Zacuto resellers, check out their listings at: Contact your local dealer for pricing and more information regarding the Zacuto product line. 

Zacuto, located in Chicago, Illinois, is known for their "Made in the USA" brand of high quality, originally designed camera accessories. Their video equipment rental house division builds custom camera packages and delivers nationwide. Zacuto Films produces original programming and just recently won a 2010 Emmy Award for one of their webisodic programs: "The Great Camera Shootout 2010." For more information, visit