January 19, 2007 08:00 ET

ZAP (OTC BB: ZAAP) Signs Distribution Agreement for Puerto Rico

SANTA ROSA, CA and BAYAMON, PUERTO RICO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 19, 2007 -- Rising gas prices on the island of Puerto Rico have prompted a distributor of gasoline scooters in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, AJ Imports, to enter into a venture with transportation pioneer ZAP (OTCBB: ZAAP) to market its electric cars, scooters, seascooters, bicycles, personal transporters and other alternative fueled vehicles.

ZAP Director of International Affairs Fernando Cancela says that hundreds of vehicles have already been shipped to AJ Imports in Bayamon, a beach community where the company sells and rents vehicles serving primarily the tourism industry. Cancela says that oil prices are having a significant affect on many smaller countries around the world, including islands, which rely almost exclusively on imported oil.

"Around the world we are seeing growing demand for the technologies being developed by ZAP," says Cancela, who has worked with ZAP in international marketing since 1998. "ZAP is in a very good position to serve the needs of developing countries in the Caribbean, Central and South America and around the world. Many of these smaller countries are vulnerable to volatile oil prices and ZAP's technologies, especially its electric vehicles, can serve a wide range of needs for lower fueling and maintenance costs -- not to mention helping reduce carbon emissions and air pollution."

On behalf of ZAP, AJ Imports will serve as the exclusive distributor to the island of Puerto Rico and the smaller surrounding islands. The company has already started marketing ZAP's ZAPPY3 electric personal transporters, XEBRA Truck, ZAP Seascooters, BUZZZ electric ATVs and more. Owner Francisco Javier Rodriguez says the response from Puerto Ricans has been enthusiastic.

"There has always been a lot of talk about bringing more electric vehicles to the island, but in all my research I found that ZAP is one of the only companies that is actually selling vehicles in volume today," said Rodriguez. "ZAP has ambitious plans to be a leader for new technologies in transportation and AJ Imports looks forward to a long, successful relationship. Just showing around the ZAPPY3 PRO electric scooter I have had a lot of interest, including interest for security and warehouse management from Coca-Cola."

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