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August 03, 2015 08:32 ET

Zapelo Launches at Real Estate Connect

Industry's First "Right-Sized," Cloud-Based, Mobile Real Estate Management System Is Born

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 3, 2015) - America's one-million-plus real estate brokers and agents use separate technology systems for email, CRM, lead generation, calendar scheduling and task tracking, document storage, electronic signatures, transaction management, and drip marketing. Zapelo is looking to disrupt real estate technology's silo approach with the industry's first cloud-based, wholly integrated and end-to-end mobile real estate management system.

"Zapelo is like taking the right pieces from Gmail, Dropbox, MailChimp, dotloop, REESIO and Top Producer, putting them together and making it affordable for any brokerage," says Jack Berube, CEO of Zapelo.

Zapelo is a simple-to-use, fully integrated, mobile real estate management system that offers a CRM, lead generation, transaction management, email, calendar and task tracking, workflow checklists, integrated electronic signatures and shareable document storage -- all on the cloud.

"It's the first system that truly manages the real estate sales funnel from top-to-bottom," Berube says. "Everyone is paying for technology no one is really using. For the technology you actually use, most brokerages will subscribe to multiple products, log in and out of various systems, and re-enter the same damn data again and again. It's nuts," Berube adds.

Zapelo launches tomorrow at Inman Real Estate Connect in San Francisco, and is featured as part of the conference's coveted Startup Alley. Real Estate Connect, the real estate industry's preeminent gathering of the leaders in real estate and technology industries, has launched some of the real estate technology industry's biggest brands.

Rhonda Duffy (, who is ranked as the number one listing agent in the U.S. and the number one agent in Georgia, calls Zapelo, "The Swiss-Army knife" of real estate technology. "Vendors keep pushing single apps or bloated software with features that agents will never use," Duffy said. "Zapelo has created a 'right-sized' technology to include only the features a broker or team needs to manage their real estate pipeline."

"Zapelo has made the complex simple and affordable, which is exactly what agents must have," Duffy adds. "Agents don't have time to sit in a training class to learn every new product and most agents can't afford to pay $30 to $100 a month for a dozen different services. Zapelo solves both of these problems."

Zapelo integrated product features:

  • Email system: Full-featured email system leverages your email address (IMAP) throughout all these features and connects email to tasks, schedules, documents, and more.
  • CRM tool: Agents can quickly add prospects and clients to a new marketing campaign; everything is synchronized, time stamped and trackable.
  • Transaction management: A fully collaborative system that allows agents to interact with their clients -- no exporting or importing, everything is all on the cloud in this single environment.
  • Lead generation: Leads generated from any source can be automatically imported into the platform.
  • Drip marketing: Fast, easy to use templates to stay-in-touch with prospects and past clients.
  • Calendar and task tracking: Everything agents needs for scheduling their daily routine and track tasks throughout the transaction process to help agents keep on top of their pipeline.
  • Electronic signatures: Fully integrated into the platform and ultra secure, works just like the most popular eSignature systems but is completely integrated, storing everything in one place (for brokerages, Zapelo is designed to work in concert with their current solution in most cases).
  • Document storage and sharing: Features a secure and easy way to securely share documents so your customers don't need to open a third-party account to access their files.
  • "White label" for brokerages: The platform is designed to promote the brokerage's brand, not Zapelo's brand, with a 24-hour "White label" offering to customize the platform to the look and feel of the brokerage's brand. "White label" customized branding includes color scheme, corporate logo, and customized task lists.

Today the Beta version of Zapelo is available to real estate brokerages, teams and agents. Brokerages pay a one-time setup fee, which includes their "White label" customized branding, for $500 and $199 a month. Individual agent accounts are $49 per month, and volume discounts are available for brokerages.

Zapelo CEO Berube is also offering MLS firms and Realtor associations their own branded versions of Zapelo to offer their members a new potential source of revenue.

About Zapelo
Zapelo, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is the real estate industry's first fully-integrated mobile real estate management system. This cloud-based platform features just the right tools active agents need to manage their business, including CRM, lead generation, transaction management, drip marketing, email, calendar and task tracking, workflow checklists, integrated electronic signatures and shareable document storage. Zapelo offers brokerages one system to reduce operating risk, boost efficiency and improve the overall customer experience. Discover Zapelo online at

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