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March 07, 2011 08:00 ET

Zapoint to Skills Maps 300 Leading Companies With Data Freely Available on the Web

Transparent Approach Combines Social Networking With Proprietary Analytics for Better Talent Management

CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwire - March 7, 2011) - Zapoint, a leader in career management software, today announced an aggressive campaign is underway to provide skills maps to 300 of the world's largest and most successful companies. Via Zapoint's SkillsMapper™ talent management software, each of these Fortune 500 companies will receive a Skills Map that plots experience and skill data at both the employee and organizational level. These revolutionary Skills Maps are built from social media and other employee-published data which is freely available on the Internet. Using proprietary analytics technology, Zapoint packages this comprehensive skills data into a graphical and interactive Web-based environment that enables a revolutionary, employee-driven approach to career management.

Zapoint will be Skills Mapping all 300 companies in 2011 to make a point that this data is out there, on the internet and HR needs to open its mind to new approaches to managing their employees.

"Today employees are actively leveraging social networking platforms for career management, while internal HR systems get left behind," said Chris Tywman, Founder and CEO of Zapoint. "Companies that lack current talent management data are at a distinct disadvantage, but until now, HR departments had no easy way to leverage that external information within their internal systems." 

Zapoint SkillsMapper provides a secure platform that embraces the growth in social networking and marries that with HR processes so both employees and HR win.

"This is a bold move," said Richard Sucre, board member at Jose Cuervo. "Zapoint is showing these companies what they're missing, and giving them a big boost towards getting talent management back on track. The implications of this leave me needing to talk to Zapoint whether I like it or not."

"While companies are looking for more effective ways to manage talent, employees are looking to collaborate with their colleagues, become experts in their work, and ultimately get promoted," offered Twyman. "Our technology provides a transparent approach to career management, enabling well-defined career roadmaps for employees. Such an approach motivates employees to stay, enabling companies to better leverage their investment in human capital." 

"If some of the 300 don't like what we are doing that is fine," concluded Twyman. "It will not be long before they need to consider the implications of this campaign."

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Zapoint SkillsMapper is a talent management software solution that empowers employees via web-based career planning and communication tools, while providing the organization with greater visibility into the skills and knowledge of their workforce. 

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Founded in March 2006, Zapoint develops career planning and learning technology that lets companies build more effective partnerships between HR and employees. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, Zapoint helps organizations engage, retain and develop their workforces, to sustain their competitive advantage.

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