Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.

Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.

November 28, 2007 09:30 ET

Zarlink Launches Industry's Most Compact, Lowest Power Optical Modules for Video Surveillance Systems

Enters video security market with plug-and-play copper-to-fiber converter modules that extend reach and lower cost of IP video surveillance systems

OTTAWA, CANADA--(Marketwire - Nov. 28, 2007) - Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. (TSX:ZL)(NYSE:ZL) today introduced a family of Video IP Surveillance (VIPS) camera and control room optical transceiver products that improve the performance and reduce installation and expansion costs of video surveillance systems. The compact (41 millimeter wide) plug-and-play copper-to-fiber converter modules provide a secure and extended point-to-point link between video cameras and the control room over single-stranded multi-mode optical fiber, while consuming just 1.5 watts (W) of power.

"Zarlink's VIPS family of products enables the transition of legacy CCTV/analog infrastructure to a fully IP-based video surveillance system," said Bertil Kronlund, VIPS marketing manager, Zarlink Optical Communications. "Zarlink's VIPS products are two times smaller than competing solutions and are powered from an available or supplied source, meaning they can be easily integrated into existing installations or directly into camera enclosures. Our VIPS modules significantly lower installation time and costs by eliminating the need for intermediate enclosure or connection points and reducing the required number of fiber terminations."

Video surveillance systems are being increasingly deployed as a security tool in banks, train and subway stations, retail stores and in public places, with advanced systems integrating features such as event monitoring to analyze crowd movement and alert system operators of unusual behavior. Video cameras are also commonly used to monitor traffic, as well as automated industrial processes. Zarlink's VIPS products extend the distance between cameras and the control room by up to 2,000 meters. In comparison the reach of coaxial cable is limited to 300 meters, while twisted-pair copper cabling is restricted to about 100 meters.

Plug-and-play products for in-camera and control room installations

Zarlink's VIPS products require no configuration and are completely transparent to the connected cameras, video servers and control room equipment. To save fiber costs and reduce installation time, the modules have one 100BASE-TX RJ-45 port connector for the camera and control room side and use only one fiber optic port with an ST-standard connector. All modules are encased in a metal housing to ensure operation in industrial applications and semi-outdoor environments.

Fiber transmission is 100 Mbps optical wavelength multiplexing, meaning only one fiber is required for full-duplex operation in both directions. The use of multi-mode fiber eliminates the need for multiple switches and long runs of expensive analog shielded copper cables. Fiber cable also adds security, as it is not vulnerable to tapping or prone to weather corrosion, and supports the evolution towards mega-pixel camera deployments.

Zarlink's VIPS family includes embedded copper-to-fiber converter modules designed specifically for camera-side deployments. The ZL60239 product is an in-camera module that mounts directly into an IP camera's protective housing enclosure and is powered from the camera's DC voltage. The module's ultra-compact size fits a wide range of IP camera housings. The related ZL60240 camera-side product is designed to be wall-mounted close to indoor IP surveillance cameras, video servers or Ethernet aggregation hubs.

Zarlink's control room VIPS modules are designed for basic to complex installations, with the devices providing the industry's highest scalability per square inch. The ZL60209 control room module delivers the required scalability to cope with additional fiber connectivity from new "greenfield" IP camera deployments to enable the easy expansion of complex surveillance installations. The module supports multiple mounting options, or individual modules can be added to a 1U x 19-inch rack compatible panel available from Zarlink. The related ZL60210 control room module is a wall-mounted device designed for smaller video surveillance systems where less than 10 fibers are aggregated close to the control room.

For larger surveillance network expansion requiring higher density in a restricted rack space, the ZL60214 is an installation-ready 1U x 19-inch rack integrating 14 control room embedded modules. The ZL60214 rack product includes a built-in power supply.

Availability and Support

Zarlink's VIPS products are now in pre-production stage. Future additions to the VIPS product family will support higher bandwidth, extended temperature range, and unique technology for long distance video extension applications. For more on Zarlink's VIPS product family, visit:

Complete information, including data sheets, user manuals and pricing, is available for qualified customers. To learn how to become a qualified customer contact product marketing manager Bertil Kronlund ( or your local sales office.

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