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Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.

April 17, 2008 14:08 ET

Zarlink Radio Chip for In-Body Medical Communications Wins EE Times Ultimate Product Award

Designed into implanted medical devices, monitoring and programming equipment, ZL™70101 chip helps improve patient care and lower healthcare costs

OTTAWA, CANADA--(Marketwire - April 17, 2008) - Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. (TSX:ZL)(NYSE:ZL) today announced that its ZL70101 transceiver chip won the RF/Microwave Ultimate Product of the Year at EE Times' fourth Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards Gala in San Jose on April 15th, 2008 (

Delivering high data rates, ultra-low power consumption and unique wake-up circuitry, the ZL70101 system-on-a-chip has been designed into a range of implanted medical devices, including pacemakers, implanted cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), neurostimulators, drug pumps and physiological monitors, and associated external monitoring and programming equipment.

"We're honored that Zarlink's ultra-low power wireless technology has been selected as an Ultimate Product of the Year," said Steve Swift, senior vice president and general manager of Zarlink's Medical Communications group. "The ZL70101 is a fully integrated system-on-a-chip solution delivering unparalleled data rates while consuming the lowest power possible, backed by Zarlink's field-proven expertise in meeting the unique quality requirements for in-body devices. Our radio chip is enabling new medical devices supporting advanced monitoring, diagnostic and therapeutic applications that are improving patient care and lowering healthcare costs."

The EE Times ACE Awards celebrate the creators of technology who have demonstrated leadership and innovation. The Ultimate Products of the Year Award - awarded to the most significant products introduced in the last 12 months in seven categories - is determined by large-scale peer review. Finalists in each category are chosen by qualified readers of EE Times and on a quarterly basis via electronic balloting from a list of nominees submitted to readers by expert editors with accompanying editorial reviews. A blue-ribbon panel of industry experts, comprised of the leading voices of academia, industry and Wall Street executives, choose the winners.

"The ACE Awards recognize products and innovations that make a positive contribution for customers and end-users," said Junko Yoshida, editor-in-chief, EE Times. "Zarlink's radio chip for in-body communications represents creative technology that solves key performance challenges in a growing market, while also demonstrating how electronics play an increasingly important role in our day-to-day lives."

Operating in the Medical Implant Communications Service (MICS) frequency band, the highly integrated ZL70101 chip delivers data rates up to 800 kbps while consuming just 5 milliamps (mA) of power. By using the high data rate with heavy duty cycling, the average power consumed can be very small. To further conserve implanted device battery life, the ZL70101 incorporates a unique "wake-up" receiver that allows the chip to operate in an extremely low current 250 nanoamp (nA) "sleep" mode. Communication is then initiated using a specially coded wake-up signal from the base station transmitter.

The ZL70101 chip includes a fully featured media access controller (MAC), designed specifically for MICS applications, that provides forward error correction, cyclic redundancy check and retransmission to achieve an extremely reliable data link. For more information on Zarlink's ZL70101 transceiver chip, visit:

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