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September 30, 2010 09:00 ET

Zazzle Throws Its Hat in the Ring for Election Merchandising

Zazzle Marketplace Proves to Be an Accurate Predictor of Election Outcomes

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - September 30, 2010) -  Zazzle, the world's leading platform for quality custom products, today announced that election merchandise related to every cause, controversy, and candidate in this year's midterm elections, now less than five weeks away, is available for sale and personal customization in the Zazzle marketplace. From Meg Whitman buttons to legalize marijuana t-shirts, users can express their opinions on even the most controversial issues via any of Zazzle's more than 30 billion products. As a community-driven site, Zazzle allows users to create and buy items that feature any text, image, or political opinion they choose to express.

As a leading indicator of public opinion, the Zazzle marketplace is often an accurate predictor of election outcomes. In fact, during the 2008 Presidential campaign, Zazzle's Obama-related products outsold McCain-related products by a margin of 2-to-1.

According to current "Zazzle poll" statistics, the Tea Party continues to make an impressive showing with rapidly growing sales of Tea Party-related products, including a Tea Party Brewing: I Wanna Party Like It's 1773 t-shirt. Furthermore, as the nation's dissatisfaction over the economy escalates, so too does the sale of stickers that reflect such sentiment, including Obama Lied, The Economy Died bumper stickers and Obama's Tax Plan: Trickle Up Poverty bumper stickers.

However, the political viewpoints of Zazzle creators and customers do not always mirror national public opinion. For example, Basil Marceaux gifts have been extremely popular among Zazzle consumers, despite professional pollsters' opinions about the long-shot Tennessee gubernatorial candidate's chances!

And while Ramussen Reports published a national poll on September 23, 2010 showing 59 percent of U.S. voters had an unfavorable view of Nancy Pelosi and 50 percent had an unfavorable view of Harry Reid, Zazzle customers are expressing even greater dissatisfaction with Pelosi, with hot sales of anti-Pelosi items including a Fire Pelosi hat. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Reid is faring better on Zazzle, with the top-selling items expressing positive sentiment, including a Reid for Senate 2010 mug and a Harry Reid 2010 mouse pad.

"Zazzle is proud to be an open forum through which citizens can express their opinions -- however controversial they might be," said Jason Kang, vice president of marketing at Zazzle. "Although Zazzle does not actively seek political commentary, it continues to play a role in the campaign and election process as political activists and satirists alike turn to Zazzle as a creative outlet for political and self-expression. As the election draws closer, Zazzle expects to see continued increases in the number of election-related products both created and sold in its marketplace."

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Visitors to Zazzle can now access the new Election Central headquarters at Most orders will be produced and shipped within 24 hours.

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