November 18, 2010 10:25 ET

Zebek Launches Revolutionary Mobile Targeting Platform That Drives Personalized Content to Mobile Users

More Than 25 Businesses Tap Zebek's Platform to Enhance Customer Relationships Through Innovative Mobile Applications

LEXINGTON, MA--(Marketwire - November 18, 2010) -   Zebek, LLC ( today announced the launch of a mobile targeting platform that will transform the way businesses personalize content delivery, search results and offers to their mobile users. Zebek is already helping more than 25 businesses in media, retail, wireless services and mobile advertising deliver highly targeted mobile content to their more than 13 million consumers, allowing them to create direct, personal relationships with their customers.  The result is improved engagement, brand affinity, and increased sales at a rapid return on investment.

Zebek's mobile targeting platform combines a business's proprietary customer data with a vast amount of offline and online data, before applying multiple layers of advanced targeting, including geo-location, collaborative filtering, social relevance and sentiment scoring. This enables businesses to understand their customers better than ever before, while delivering highly personalized and relevant content and offers to their mobile devices when and where they want it.

Among the many innovative mobile experiences launching from the Zebek platform today is a local search application that revolutionizes the way retailers reach mobile users in the malls. Marketed by General Growth Properties and Clear Channel Malls and sponsored by a major financial services company, the Zebek local search engine delivers highly relevant mobile content to an addressable audience of 3.5 million mall shoppers each month.

According to a recent study, 35 percent of US adults have a cell phone with at least one application installed, with the more popular applications being those that help people access information they want.1 "Businesses today are eager to capitalize on the rapid growth of the mobile Internet to create direct, personal relationships with their customers before others do. This is where Zebek's technology comes in," said David Joseph, President, Zebek.

Zebek is providing its innovative solutions to businesses today for personalizing their own mobile applications. Clear Channel Malls, a division of Clear Channel Outdoor (the world's largest outdoor advertising company), is using Zebek's local search engine to create a mobile search environment around retail locations that delivers highly relevant offers and promotions to shoppers while in the mall.

"With Zebek, we're looking to evolve from a traditional advertising model to one with a highly personalized, interactive component that will enable us to more effectively engage consumers in the out of home environment," said Alan High, President of Clear Channel Malls.

The Zebek mobile targeting platform provides a wide range of solutions to businesses looking to drive personalization to their customers, higher response rates and transactions:

  • Content publishers can deliver personalized, hyperlocal search results, news, reviews, ads, and searches that open the door to new and better monetization opportunities.
  • Retailers can personalize content delivery (coupons, specials, etc.) based on location, time and user likes and tastes.
  • Wireless service providers can deliver highly personalized hyperlocal search results, content or targeted advertising to their mobile subscribers.

"Personalization benefits everyone," said Joseph. "It makes consumers happier because they're finding exactly what they're looking for immediately. Businesses are happy because it drives better relationships with their customers that can be monetized more effectively."

About Zebek
Founded in 2008, Zebek provides advanced mobile targeting solutions to businesses looking to personalize the mobile content they deliver to their customers. Zebek's vision is to help businesses create direct relationships with their customers by making the mobile experiences they provide more content-rich, relevant and immediately useful. More than 25 customers, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to local content publishers and wireless service providers, are using Zebek's solutions today. They use its patent-pending technology to power targeted mobile marketing campaigns, recommend the most relevant products or locations to their consumers, and support personalized mobile applications that drive high-quality leads, affinity, engagement, conversion, and superior ROI. For more information, visit

(1) "The Rise of Apps Culture," Pew Internet Project and The Nielsen Company, September 15, 2010.

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