February 26, 2008 06:00 ET

Zed's Revenues Reach US$545 Million in 2007

World's Leading Provider of Mobile-Value Added Services Records Net Profit of Almost US$100 Million After Consolidating Operations in More Than 50 Countries

DENVER, CO and LONDON and MADRID, SPAIN--(Marketwire - February 26, 2008) - Zed, the leading mobile content company worldwide in terms of revenue and geographical presence, today reported revenues of US $545 million in the full fiscal year of 2007. These figures represent an operating income increase of 40.4% over the same period of 2006 (US $338 M), considering the recurrent business. The results consolidate Zed's global mobile content revenue, and show the extraordinary growth achieved by the company since 2003. Currently 90% of Zed's corporate activity comes from operations outside of Spain and 65% from markets in which currency reference is the US dollar.

"We are delighted with 2007 results, and with our net profit figures, which show that even during a year where our focus has been corporate consolidation after significant acquisitions, we still lead this industry with a great level of efficiency," said Javier Pérez Dolset, founder and CEO of Zed.

Zed holds an excellent competitive position in two of the largest mobile markets: the US and Russia, which together hold around 420 million mobile subscribers. "One example of our leadership position in the US market is that close to 20% of the mobile music downloaded has been managed by our US branch," added Pérez Dolset.

Growing the Mobile Marketing Business

One of the milestones of Zed's 2007 growth has been its mobile marketing activities, developed through its business-to-business area which focuses on mobile networks, large advertisers and public sector. "During 2007, the activities led by Zed in this field have engaged over 160 million users in Europe, Russia and Latin America alone. We expect mobile marketing activity will reach full speed in 2008, becoming a central focus of our corporate business," said Pérez Dolset.

Regarding 2008 forecasts, Pérez Dolset commented, "Revenues are expected to be more than US $870 million, mainly through organic growth."

Zed will continue to promote strategic alliances with key Internet and digital entertainment companies, similar to the company's recent agreements with AOL and Metacafe.

In the short term, the company plans to launch its products and services in two of the world's largest mobile markets, India (206m mobile subscribers) and Brazil (115m mobile subscribers), as well as Australia. This would increase Zed's presence to 55 countries. Zed also plans to expand its activities in Latin America.

About Zed

Zed develops and markets entertainment and community products and services for mobile and the Internet. The company is the leading mobile value-added services (MVAS) player in the world in terms of revenue and geographical footprint. Zed operates in more than 50 countries, including Europe's largest markets, USA and China and holds agreements with 110 wireless operators all over the world.

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