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Zee Solutions

July 01, 2011 08:23 ET

Zee Solutions: Breaking Down the Barriers, and Increasing Morale in Your Sales Team

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 1, 2011) - Zee Solutions, a direct marketing company in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, owes much of its recent success to high company morale, and draws attention to the fact that barriers faced by sales teams will ultimately reduce morale and lower sales performance unless combated effectively.

Barriers, in the initial stages, are relatively easy to overcome, and will not dramatically affect morale or motivation for sales representatives on a long term basis, however Zee Solutions notes that identifying these barriers may be problematic for the untrained eye, and has outlined four common barriers below:

  1. Wasting Time: Trying to engage sales people in non-sales tasks will ultimately lower their morale. Sales people will thrive on tasks directly related to the sales process, and distracting them with reports and administration tasks, will not only de-motivate them, but will also have a negative impact on the company as a whole who benefit from the most effective sales force concentrating on the primary focus, sales.
  1. Poor Meetings: the best sales people are self-motivated, and recognise if their time is being wasted with poor sales meetings. Pointless and boring sales meetings, with no relevance to the task at hand give the impression that the Management are unaware of what needs to be done at the grass roots to increase sales. This essentially reduces the sales person's belief or faith in Management, leading to a breakdown in communication, which will ultimately lead to bigger problems in the future. Good sales meetings define in specific terms what goals need to be accomplished and outline clear procedure and easily measurable outcomes.
  1. Favouritism: Having a no-seniority policy is crucial in a sales environment. If the Management favour certain people, or give extra incentives or benefits this has a negative knock on effect. Team morale is weakened and focus is driven away from the primary goal of sales. Having clear targets and wider incentives will ultimately boost the morale of the whole team.
  1. Poor Strategy: Ineffective sales strategy negatively affects the sales team. Companies, regardless of their market share need to have a well-defined and clearly implemented strategy for the sales team. Poor strategy, coupled with a poor product or service leads to imminent failure, and sales people will essentially lose faith in the Management who developed it.

A representative from Zee Solutions suggests that morale of the sales team is crucial, and morale is not to be confused with enthusiasm or motivation. Situational motivation, although important in a sales environment, is often short term, whereas morale is intrinsic and holds longevity. Good sales teams with adequate product knowledge, skill sets, sales tools and business environments should without a doubt be able to execute effectively.

The Manager of Zee Solutions states that a sales team with great execution but low morale will perform at a lower standard, and hit fewer targets, than a sales team with poor execution but great morale. Attitude and morale essentially define the success of the sales team. Morale cannot be taught, and can be easily lost. The four barriers outlined above by Zee Solutions are very destructive to the morale of the sales team. Great sales Managers will avoid these situations, and great sales people will have a clear line of communication with the Management if or when these situations begin to arise.

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