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February 09, 2011 13:33 ET

Zee Solutions: Is the Future in Smartphone Marketing?

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 9, 2011) - Advertisers planning to focus their internet marketing services towards mobile users this year may be interested in the news that Informa Telecoms and Media forecast "Smartphones will account for over a quarter of all mobile sales in 2011". Nielson Research suggests that Smartphone users increased from 5.6- 6.2 million in 2009, and so Zee Solutions considers whether the future may well be with the Smartphone marketing strategies.

The Questus Study sponsored by AOL found that Smartphones are used everywhere; 95% downtime, 82% at work, 81% shopping, 80% at home and 65% commuting to work. Hence advertisers and businesses are increasingly using this as a new medium to reach their target market. This study found that Mobile Advertising Solutions may be best because 'engagement' is better than other forms of media, 27% of mobile users claim to be "completely focused", as opposed to Television, Radio and Newspapers (which is 13%, 17% and 19% respectively). Often there is "Media Meshing" which is the simultaneous use of mobile technology with other media.

Advertisers and businesses are already shifting their marketing spend online, and many have even started incorporating Smartphone marketing into their budgets for 2011. For example, many content based websites, like www.bbc.co.uk, are designing websites for Smartphones and even set up automatic redirection. The iPhone has taken hold of the market share for Smartphone users and there has been a rush for developers to produce "apps" to enhance not only their advertising but also their business focus. Zee Solutions thinks that this increased awareness, and focus towards, Smartphones, is potentially a strategy that will only feature more prominently in future. Research has found that one of the greatest uses of the Smartphone is social networking, firms can utilise this by advertising on Social Networking sites or setting up business profiles on these.

As a marketing medium, the Smartphone is still in primary stages of development. Zee Solutions suggests that the findings of the Questus Study indicate that we are initially only going to see an increase in mobile advertising from national franchises, rather than local businesses that hardly maintain current online presence. Saying this however, Smartphone users can expect their use of digital channels to increase, while simultaneously expecting a drop in traditional media channels. As Smartphone usage increases there will be expanding opportunities for advertisers to shift more and more advertising spend to the Smartphone medium.

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