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March 20, 2006 21:00 ET

ZEH Software, Inc. Introduces SeisInfo™ v2006.3.6.0

ZEH Software, Inc. Signs Partnership Agreement With Accu-Audit, Ltd.

HOUSTON, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 20, 2006 -- ZEH Software, Inc., the worldwide leader in network plotting solutions for the oil industry, and Accu-Audit Ltd, the leading supplier of seismic data management software and seismic survey auditing services to the Canadian oil industry, today announced the two companies have signed a strategic partnership agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, ZEH will provide worldwide sales, marketing, support and implementation services for Accu-Audit's seismic data management software, SeisInfo™.

SeisInfo™ is a seismic information management software solution that streamlines your exploration activities by organizing your seismic surveys into a spatially aware repository so you know what seismic assets you have, where they are located, and how to retrieve them. SeisInfo™ gives you:

-- Rapid retrieval of up-to-date seismic survey information. Effective searching for seismic survey information using a wide variety of criteria.

-- Quality control of seismic location information of shotpoints, CDPs, and 3D bins.

-- Fast, easy, and accurate loading of seismic survey information. A reduction in data loss and unnecessary re-purchase expenditures.

-- Easy discovery of the relationships between physical items, area of interest, ownership, versions of surveys, processing, and length or area of the surveys.

With SeisInfo™, you can quickly display a map of existing seismic surveys using specified search criteria (i.e., geographic area) and also avoid loading duplicate surveys by previewing a map of your survey before adding it to the SeisInfo™ repository. Go to for more information.

"Many of the oil companies we interviewed over the past year have expressed significant problems in the area of seismic data management," said Jerry Martin, President & CEO of ZEH. "We researched many products and companies worldwide looking for a solution to this problem and we are pleased to have found Accu-Audit and their SeisInfo™ product. The customers of Accu-Audit that we interviewed were very pleased with the ease of use and value SeisInfo™ brings to their data management issues."

Mr. Martin commented, "One customer we interviewed from a large oil company in Canada who has been using SeisInfo for over a year described their use as follows: 'The functionality of SeisInfo™ is not available in any other product we have looked at for managing seismic data. Anybody can use it for a month and be very proficient. We can quickly tell the geoscientists if they have data in an area and what they have. The geoscientists like it because they can also spot a well location in a matter of seconds based on the seismic or any geographical coordinates. There are companies out there with systems that can catalog your physical items, but very few offer an easy to use solution for managing your seismic information in a spatially aware relational database. SeisInfo™ is a terrific product for finding, retrieving and managing information about our seismic surveys.'"

Mr. Martin continued, "We are very excited about the value that SeisInfo™ can bring to oil companies worldwide and look forward to working with Accu-Audit in providing a cost-effective solution to the issues of managing seismic data. Also, one of the great things about SeisInfo™ is that it can be scaled for use by companies of any size. Most exploration groups see productivity gains from SeisInfo™ within 30 days of the first installation; therefore, your hot projects can see the benefits right away. Over time you will continue to realize productivity gains as you build up your SeisInfo™ repository."

"Our Canadian customers have been overwhelmingly positive about how comprehensive and easy to use SeisInfo™ is," states Ed Horkoff, President of Accu-Audit. "We are very proud of the value our products have brought to our Canadian customers over the past seven years and we look forward to working with ZEH in expanding our business to oil companies worldwide."

About Accu-Audit, Ltd.

Accu-Audit Ltd. is a privately held company with headquarters in Calgary, Canada. Accu-Audit develops software for managing seismic navigational data and provides services for auditing seismic data. Accu-Audit has over 200 customers using its Seismic Information System in Canada.

About ZEH Software, Inc.

ZEH Software, Inc., a privately held company with headquarters in Houston, Texas and additional offices in the United Kingdom, is the worldwide leader in network plotting solutions, montaging, and image publishing for the oil, gas, GIS, and MCAD industries. ZEH is a pioneer in the area of computer graphics for the oil and gas industries and has provided software solutions that improve the productivity of the world's leading Oil and Gas companies for over 25 years. With over 3,000 installations with 100,000 users in 63 countries, ZEH`s clientele includes petroleum and chemical companies, engineering firms, government agencies and aircraft and automobile manufacturers. More information about ZEH Software,Inc. is available at

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