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ZEISS Microscopy

September 09, 2014 03:05 ET

ZEISS Launches Digital Petrophysics Solution for Oil and Gas Industry

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Sep 9, 2014) - Today, ZEISS launches an automated petrophysical analyzer to provide fully quantitative data for reservoir characterization and exploration studies. The ZEISS Mineralogic Reservoir™ system combines automated mineralogy with the quantification of porosity and organics, and dedicated oil and gas outputs. This complete solution enables the industry to both research potential oil fields and validate recovery models in the most environmentally sustainable manner.

ZEISS Mineralogic Reservoir brings to the natural resources market a unique ability to tailor sample analysis workflows. Combining ZEISS' pedigree in correlative workflows, image analysis and automated mineralogy, Mineralogic systems have been designed based on industry and research requirements, using the latest Zeiss technology.

From conventional to unconventional reservoirs, sandstone and carbonate to tight shales and mudstones, increasingly complex reservoirs are driving the need for greater understanding to reduce risk and optimize resources. The launch of Mineralogic Reservoir marks a breakthrough in characterization; for the first time combining quantitative EDX with high resolution SEM image analysis to provide industry specific outputs in the laboratory. Advanced data layering forms part of a highly configurable multi-scale workflow that enables petrophysicists to quantify heterogeneity from centimeter scale petrographic mineral mapping down to nanometer tomography.

High productivity and throughput are essential for the oil and gas industry and with Mineralogic Reservoir no time is wasted. Sample runs are quick and easy to set-up and minerals are measured and classified in real time with no need for post processing of data. The ease and accuracy of mineral classifications in Mineralogic Reservoir is second-to-none, with fully quantitative elemental analysis and ultimate time to result.

Allister McBride, Director of Product Marketing at ZEISS explains, "The ability to quantify petrophysics over multiple length scales has long been a requirement from the oil and gas community. Mineralogic Reservoir provides scientists further data to unravel the multi-scale imaging challenge from nano-scale porosity to centimeter scale mineral mapping."

ZEISS offers a wide range of solutions for the natural resources market, from light microscopy for morphological analysis, to focused ion beam and X-ray microscopy for 3D imaging of volumes. The latest technology to be added to the portfolio, ZEISS Mineralogic Reservoir is offered on a range of laboratory platforms from conventional and field emission to high throughput focused ion beam electron microscopes with the option to correlate data with optical and X-ray datasets.

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