Zeligsoft Inc.

Zeligsoft Inc.

July 28, 2005 10:32 ET

Zeligsoft Announces Code Generation: Zeligsoft Component Enabler'TM' 'CE' Generates Customizable Code for SCA Based Software Defined Radio

GATINEAU, QUEBEC--(CCNMatthews - July 28, 2005) - Zeligsoft™, a leading vendor of market-specific embedded software development tools today announced that it provides automatic code generation of SCA-specific aspects in Component Enabler™ (CE).

Zeligsoft CE is a model-driven development tool designed to accelerate development and improve software quality of SCA (Software Communications Architecture) applications. CE guides the development process, abstracting the complexity and intricacy of the SCA rules away from developers and contributing correct-by-construction software attributes.

The Software Communications Architecture (SCA) is a DoD defined standard for all systems comprising the JTRS (Joint Tactical Radio System). The SCA standard specifies that software components be produced in a way that they can be combined and interchanged to form reliable waveform applications and radio platforms. SCA 'wrapper' code acts as an interface between the component and the rest of the system. It is a vital aspect of the system and must adhere precisely to the SCA standard.

CE features customizable generation of SCA wrapper code.

"Developing software that complies with the SCA standard takes an enormous amount of expertise and development time", said Kamal Krishnapillai, VP Sales and Marketing, Zeligsoft. "Our customers in the defence industry are very proficient in developing implementation code such as signal-processing code, DSP code and control code, but, they look to CE to provide the SCA software aspects. Zeligsoft CE is a backbone development tool that guides the SCA development process and takes care of the SCA elements so that our customers can focus on their core competency - building software defined radio systems."

Zeligsoft's CE generates SCA-compliant wrapper code in any programming language e.g. C, C++, Java, and ADA with the click of a button. Because every customer is different, and every project has a determined coding guideline and/or pattern, Zeligsoft's code generation is completely customizable. Using any existing piece of code, customers can create their custom template. Customization ensures that every customer can use this powerful feature.


Zeligsoft is a leading provider of market-specific embedded software development tools that enable the development of component-based systems. The world's leading aerospace and defence companies use Zeligsoft tools to increase the time to market and quality of their component-based software. Adapting to established development practices, and working with other best-in-class tools, Zeligsoft tools abstract complex standards from designers, contribute domain-specific software aspects, and guide project teams through their development. Zeligsoft is the only company in the embedded tools space concentrating on modeling, validation, generation, debugging, automated testing and deployment management of component systems instead of component internals. Zeligsoft's current target market is the Software Defined Radio (SDR) industry, which has standardized on the component-based Software Communication Architecture (SCA). Next generation products and key strategic partnerships will expand the Zeligsoft customer value into other verticals in the embedded systems space including defence electronics, telecommunications and automotive. The Zeligsoft team comprises leading toolsmiths and software engineering experts who possess extensive experience in software engineering processes and Model Driven Development (MDD). Zeligsoft drives industry standards by contributing significantly to key forums such as the Object Management Group (OMG) and the SDR forum (Software Defined Radio forum). Zeligsoft is headquartered in the Ottawa-Gatineau region amongst some of the world's largest and most innovative high-technology companies. For additional information about Zeligsoft visit www.zeligsoft.com

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SDR: Software Defined Radio. A single flexible hardware radio
platform adapts to multiple wireless services, standards, and
protocols implemented in software.

SCA: Software Communication Architecture. A DoD defined framework
standard for SDR.

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