SOURCE: Zen Blend Herbs

May 17, 2016 13:32 ET

Zen Blend Herbs Debuts Specially Formulated Chinese Medicines at ECRM

New Supplements Have Right Blend of Active Ingredients to Make You Stronger, Faster, More Balanced and Energetic

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - May 17, 2016) - ZEN BLEND HERBS, a company dedicated to the development of a variety of high-quality herbal supplements and detox products, is pleased to announce its completely new product line is debuting at the ECRM event in June, represented by Nutritional Products International.

The ECRM trade show gives companies of all types a chance to come and meet with some of the nutritional, health and sports product industry's foremost buyers and executives.

Inspired by ancient Zen Healing Masters and hand-blended by modern Qigong Master and Herbalist Sifu Mathew Carver, ZEN BLEND HERBS are natural supplements created to support physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transformations.

"We are pleased to announce that ZEN BLEND HERBS will be introducing its product line at the ECRM event this June in Tampa. With ZEN BLEND HERBS we believe Hand-Crafted Herbs aid in creating a harmonious internal life that complements a harmonious external life and hope to benefit many with our line," said Mikel Carver, President of ZEN BLEND HERBS.

Pure Energy, by ZEN BLEND HERBS, contains Jiao Gu Lan and Wu Wei Zi to help the body naturally feel energized without caffeine. It is an expertly blended, all-natural way to supercharge your work day, or your workout. Jiao Gu Lan is a Chinese herb that also is referred to as Southern Ginseng because it grows in South Central China and has a similar effect. According to, the herb can increase stamina and endurance. Wu Wei Zi boosts energy at the cellular level, counteracting the effects of sugar, and improving the health of the adrenal glands, WebMD also reports.

The company's Detox and Recovery supplement contains a proprietary blend of Ge Gen, Feng Hua Fen and Shi Chang Pu. This handcrafted blend helps one cleanse in order to let go of unhealthy habits and to take back control. Detox and Recovery is formulated for the relief of early detox symptoms.

"Chinese herbal medicines have been used for thousands of years and can have a profound and lasting effect on overall health. With ZEN BLEND HERBS more available in the US than ever before, people can now take advantage of the powerful benefits of these natural remedies," Carver said.

In addition to ZEN BLEND HERBS, Mikel and Sifu Mathew Carver operate Zen Recovery Path, a substance abuse treatment center. The treatment center utilizes five unique product offerings from ZEN BLEND HERBS to help treat people in recovery. It accomplishes this by fighting the many side effects that patients experience during the early stages of substance abuse treatment. The five products include supplements designed to battle fatigue, provide relief from uncomfortable detox symptoms, support the immune and nervous systems and combat both occasional and chronic sleeplessness.

For more information about ZEN BLEND HERBS and its products, contact Mikel Carver at

The products will be at the ECRM Trade Event with Nutritional Products International's expert sales and marketing team.

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