October 03, 2012 08:25 ET

Zenith Goes the Extra Mile With 'A' Rated Windows for You

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 3, 2012) - Are you looking for new window fittings to improve the energy levels in your home? Many uPVC windows from Zenith windows now come as A+ rating as standard so you can rest assured you're getting good value and the best quality.

A C rating is now the standard rating for building regulations so you'll find that many companies now stop at this, because they can. B rated windows rank higher in the performance ladder but despite nearly achieving a zero energy loss over a year, it doesn't quite compare to an A rated window.

What makes an A rated window?

For any window to become A rated the annual heat loss through the window taking into account solar gain, air leakage and heat loss through the frame must add together and balance out to be zero. Therefore, an A rated window is heat loss neutral or at best, energy positive.

So, how does Zenith do it?

The technical team at Zenith have been collaborating with Pilkington glass. They carefully create their sealed units by selecting the optimum components for their A plus Ecotherm plus window, which has a positive energy rating of +3 kw/h/m2 per annum for each square metre of glass.

The sealed unit has now been re-engineered and optimised so that the window now comes with an A rated performance as standard, which is backed up by their A rated energy installation method.

The secret of the sealed unit is in the components, says Zenith.

All Zenith's sealed units now comprise of an outer pane of ultra clear Ecobrite (+) low iron glass which eliminates the green tint of normal glass and lets in the maximum amount of free solar energy.

The inner pane is now Claritherm (+ s) soft coated low emissivity glass which reflects heat back into the home. These two unique glass panes, together with Zenith's Superspacer bar and the all-important Argon gas fill gives Zenith's windows the A + rating as standard.

Zenith don't just provide high quality windows, they offer first-class conservatories and porches and pride themselves on being high quality suppliers of double glazed doors.

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