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March 30, 2011 09:00 ET

Zeo and RunKeeper Explore the Power of Sleep & Fitness

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - March 30, 2011) - It's time for fitness to catch some Zzzs! Today, Zeo® is proud to announce full API integration into RunKeeper, leveraging the power of sleep for improved fitness. The partnership allows RunKeeper users to experience a fully integrated health and fitness app with the addition of sleep tracking. Athletes and self-improvers alike can fully reap the rewards of training by optimizing their sleep.

Sleep is a core factor to a healthy lifestyle and overall better performance. According to Cheri Mah, sleep medicine researcher at Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Laboratory, sleep extension provides swimmers a 17 percent improvement in reaction time off the starting block, and tennis players get a 42 percent boost in hitting accuracy during depth drills. Zeo's integration gives RunKeeper users the chance to monitor total sleep time, deep sleep, REM sleep, number of times awoken and ZQ (a cumulative measure that combines quality and time asleep for one night of sleep). Deep and REM sleep combined result in restorative sleep, which performs rejuvenating functions like muscle growth, protein synthesis and tissue repair -- crucial to fitness performance.

RunKeeper is a fitness platform that combines mobile activity tracking, an online social community and third-party device integration to provide advanced performance analytics. The RunKeeper GPS mobile app is currently available on the iPhone, Android and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7. For more information on RunKeeper, [click here].  

"Self-tracking and the Quantified Self Movement are exploding, giving consumers the tools to access their own personal data and improve their health, performance and well-being," said Ben Rubin, CTO and co-founder, Zeo. "The integration of Zeo in RunKeeper illustrates the connection between sleep and exercise and how the two are mutually beneficial. As the world continues to grasp the power of sleep, we look forward to new and exciting API partnerships that empower consumers to improve their overall health and performance."

RunKeeper is joining Dailyburn, Digifit, Gravity Eight, SportTracks and Withings in Zeo's open API network, which supports the integration of Zeo's sleep data into comprehensive Web and mobile applications. Zeo is the first company to offer an open API that enables developers to create new applications that link sleep data with activities like athletic training. 

The Zeo Personal Sleep Coach is the first in-home sleep tracking system that allows users to measure sleep quality and quantity during the night to help them better understand their personal sleep patterns. This data, combined with Zeo's online tools and coaching program, can help consumers identify the lifestyle factors behind their sleep patterns and reveal what they can do to feel more refreshed in the morning. For more information on the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach, [click here].

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Zeo Inc., headquartered in Newton, Mass., is a leading innovator in consumer health and wellness. Started in 2003 by a group of sleep-deprived students at Brown University, Zeo has grown into a strategic blend of scientific innovation, engineering, and computer science. The Company's mission is to help people discover new, science-based ways to improve the quality of their lives through the power of sleep. In 2010, Zeo won the Triple Tree Award for Best Consumer Experiences in Wireless Life Sciences as well as the prestigious Edison Award for Best New Product, presented by the Discovery Channel. To learn more about Zeo, visit

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RunKeeper is a fitness platform that combines mobile activity tracking, an online social community and third-party device integration to provide advanced performance analytics. Track workouts online at or through the RunKeeper GPS mobile app for the iPhone, Android and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7. Import data from Zeo or a variety of other devices that integrate with RunKeeper to monitor robust personal health data and improve overall fitness. Connect with friends and community members through the RunKeeper Street Team, share activities and future races online through Facebook and Twitter, and train with other users toward a common goal through RunKeeper FitnessClasses. To learn more about RunKeeper, visit

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