July 11, 2012 09:04 ET

Zeo Offers iPhone Users Better Sleep With New Free Sleep101™ App

Leading Sleep Management Company Offers First Free Mobile App With Advice for Better Sleep

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Jul 11, 2012) - Zeo®, the leading sleep management company, today announced the introduction of Sleep101™, the first free iPhone app that not only tracks sleep but also gives users science-based advice to help them sleep better. Similar to the company's award-winning Zeo Sleep Manager line, the new Sleep101 app shows users how often they were asleep or awake and educates them, so they can learn to sleep better.

Powered by the sleep experts at Zeo, Sleep101 shows users how simple changes in their daily habits, consumption and bedroom environment can have a significant impact on their sleep quality. Sleep101's free sleep tracking technology is 86 percent as accurate as clinically-proven, expensive, wristband-based sleep tracking devices used in sleep research to detect sleep and wake cycles. It's the first app of its kind that provides all of the following sleep improvement benefits in one easy-to-use mobile app:

  • Tracks sleep -- The makers of Zeo have created a new sleep data algorithm for Sleep101 that uses the accelerometer within iPhone smartphones as an entry-level sleep tracking device. By measuring bed movements, Sleep101 tracks users' sleep/wake patterns, giving them a basic idea of how they sleep each night. 

  • Scores sleep efficiency and makes sharing simple -- Sleep101 gives users a Zeo-certified Sleep Efficiency score that can be shared across social networks. Sleep101's Sleep Efficiency measures how long users were asleep or resting in comparison to how long they were in bed and also charts users' sleep data over time, so they can pinpoint problems and make adjustments.

  • Provides a wealth of free, proven sleep advice -- Sleep101 users are also given access to the rich library of science-based advice, research papers and user success stories that have been compiled by the Zeo Sleep Research Center and curated with the help of its world-class Scientific Advisory Board. Sleep101 also gives users a free 7-Day Sleep Challenge to help kick start their progress with sleep tips proven by Zeo users to help improve sleep.

  • Wakes users up at an optimal time -- Inspired by sleep research first conducted with NASA and USAF pilots, Sleep101 provides an alarm feature, called SmartWake™ Lite, that helps wake users up at the optimal point in their morning sleep cycle. A simplified and less precise version of Zeo Sleep Manager's popular SmartWake feature, SmartWake Lite can boost users' ability to wake up feeling more alert and refreshed and decrease morning grogginess.

"We're thrilled to make this kind of sleep management technology accessible to anyone and everyone who wants to learn more about their sleep," states Dave Dickinson, president and CEO of Zeo. "Our Zeo Sleep Manager line is still the ultimate way to track your true sleep quality, including how much restorative REM and Deep sleep you get, but our free Sleep101 app, which includes scientifically validated sleep advice, can be an important first step for anyone who wants to get a better night's sleep."

Sleep101, by the makers of Zeo, is currently available for free in the iTunes App Store. 

About Zeo, Inc.
Zeo Inc., headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, is a leading innovator within the rapidly emerging connected healthcare movement, where personal sensors, wireless technology and smartphones are empowering consumers to take better care of their own health. The Zeo company mission is to help people worldwide to take control of and improve their sleep, discovering its awesome and restorative power. Their new Zeo® Sleep Manager line well demonstrates the company value proposition as it helps consumers to track and assess their own sleep with clinically-proven accuracy and then provides them with mobile apps, online tools and an expert sleep coaching program to help them improve their sleep. Zeo has won the Triple Tree Award for Best Consumer Experiences in Wireless Life Sciences as well as the prestigious Edison Award for Best New Product, presented by The Discovery Channel. To learn more about Zeo, visit

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