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October 07, 2009 08:10 ET

Zero Client Leader Pano Logic Releases Advanced Scalability and End User Experience

Pano System Release 2.8 Expands Desktop Management Capacity and Adds Dual Monitor Support While Maintaining Zero Processor at the Client

MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwire - October 7, 2009) - Pano Logic, the leader in zero client desktop virtualization(VDI), today announced Pano System 2.8, and Pano Dual Monitor, further enhancing the end user experience, expanding scalability and simplifying IT management. Pano System 2.8 improves the efficiency and convenience of managing deployments while doubling the number of desktops that can be controlled from a single management console. An easy-to-use backup and recovery capability improves the availability of larger scale deployments. Pano Dual Monitor is a USB adaptor that allows two display devices to be attached to the Pano Device for a multi-monitor user experience. Windows and applications automatically maximize to the physical dimensions of the display without any additional software required.

Unlike thin clients that bulk up with processors in the endpoint, and add management burden, the Pano System provides end users with a full and dynamic PC experience without compromising simplicity. Today's announcement emphasizes Pano Logic's dedication to redefining the delivery and management of end user computing with innovative technology that radically centralizes virtual desktop management.

"We started with a modest roll-out and discovered how easy it was to deploy and manage desktops. Implementation and deployment per Pano Manager takes less than an hour. Day to day management has been decreased by at least two hours per PC. We have also decreased our PC deployment time to 30 minutes from four hours, which is what it would take us to deploy a regular PC with all apps installed and ready for customer use," said Kane Edupuganti, Director of IT Operations & Communications with Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Centers. "As more people asked to be moved onto the Pano Logic system, we expanded deployment to 500. We look forward to deploying Pano System 2.8, and expanding our end user base."

"Pano Logic delivers one very simple solution for IT managers to realize the benefits of zero client desktop virtualization," said John Kish, President and CEO of Pano Logic. "By eliminating the endpoint processor and moving 100% of the processing power to the server, endpoint management is eliminated. Pano System 2.8 proves that simple VDI exists without compromising either the end user experience or simplicity for the IT administrator."

The Pano System is an all-in-one desktop virtualization solution. The system includes Pano Device, a zero client endpoint, and Pano Manager, a unified management interface. The Pano System, unlike any other desktop VDI solution, radically centralizes 100% computing power to the virtualized server.

There is no processor, no operating system, no memory, no drivers, no software and no moving parts in the Pano Device, resulting in absolutely zero endpoint management. The lifespan of a Pano zero client device is over three times that of a thin client or PC. The Pano Device retains no data and is secure against any data loss. Each zero client Pano Device uses less than 3 watts of power, just 3 percent of what energy efficient PCs use, translating into significant energy savings. The Pano Device connects over an existing IP network to an instance of Microsoft Windows virtualized on a datacenter server.

Pano Manager is a very simple-to-use, web-based management interface that enables administrators to manage the entire virtual desktop deployment. The Pano Manager interacts with a lightweight service (Pano Direct) residing within each desktop virtual machine that links peripherals attached to the Pano Device to the unmodified Windows drivers residing in the virtual machine. This design guarantees that all existing Windows drivers will work without modification.

Pano System 2.8, including the Pano Device and the Pano Manager, is available now with pricing starting at $319 per desktop. Pano Dual Monitor can be ordered now for $89. For more information, contact 1-877-677-PANO or visit

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Founded in 2006, Pano Logic develops an integrated virtualization-based software and hardware solution that delivers a superior desktop computing experience. The company is privately held and backed by leading investment firms Foundation Capital and Goldman Sachs. Pano Logic is headquartered in Menlo Park, California. For more information about Pano Logic, visit

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