Dubois Agrinovation Inc.

Dubois Agrinovation Inc.

February 23, 2011 14:00 ET

Zero Waste & Saving Time With BioTelo Compostable Mulch Film

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Feb. 23, 2011) - After several years of experimentation with BioTelo mulch film, the result is better than what growers expected. As proven by series of tests made by several universities and years of use in the field by growers, BioTelo mulch film has similar mechanical properties and usage as for the traditional plastic film and provides excellent yields in terms of quality and quantity with an efficient control of weeds.

The biggest advantage of BioTelo is that growers don't have to remove or dispose of the film at the end of the growing season, it can simply be ploughed into the ground after harvest: thanks to its certified capacity to biodegrade in the soil, it transforms into organic substances, water, and carbon dioxide; as it biodegrades, it does not leave toxic residues in the soil. BioTelo has no degradation effect by sunlight (UV Rays) like oxo-degradable or photo-degradable

BioTelo is the only compostable mulch film on the market, it is economical versus traditional plastic film, if growers consider the costs related to removal and disposal of film and the real cost of lost opportunities such as losing precious time removing plastics in the field instead of picking another crop, packing or simply going on vacation earlier.

Another important characteristic to consider is that BioTelo mulch film is environmentally friendly; by using this compostable film, growers significantly reduce the greenhouse effect. In fact, BioTelo reduces the amount of CO2 equivalent/ha of mulching by over 60% compared to traditional plastic films. (Source: Novamont)

BioTelo has been approved for use in organic farming by Ecocert & Procert in Canada. For the United States, BioTelo is in process of being approved for organic use.

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