June 17, 2008 10:30 ET

ZEROSPAM Wins at the Polls

Major Step Forward for ZEROSPAM In Helping Its Clients Win The Battle Against Spam

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - June 17, 2008) - Following a one-month free-trial the Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec elected to retire its current email filtering solution in favour of ZEROSPAM's advanced solution. The primary reasons for the decision are the superior filtering and significant resource savings delivered by ZEROSPAM's managed email security solution.

It all began last February. Unhappy with their current anti-spam solution, Jean-Francois Blanchet, IT Director, Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec, came by ZEROSPAM's booth at the Salon des TIC and spoke with David Poellhuber, ZEROSPAM's Founder and COO. Days later, Blanchet decided to take advantage of ZEROSPAM's one-month free trial. Service was activated immediately.

After only two weeks, the results were telling: the amount of spam reaching users' inboxes was almost zero, employees no longer had to manage their individual quarantined mail because ZEROSPAM solution's management is centralized. Moreover, the Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec noted only a miniscule number of false positives (legitimate emails erroneously treated as spam).

"Choosing ZEROSPAM's solution is probably among the easiest, most profitable decisions an organization can make," said Jean-Francois Blanchet. "The change requires so little effort given the solution's advantages to the enterprise."

The ZEROSPAM solution is easy to manage and Chief Electoral Officer computer technicians now have a filter that is constantly optimised without any intervention on their part. In addition, they no longer have to deal with user complaints.

"Clearly our approach is able to deliver tangible benefits to all government departments and public organizations," said David Poellhuber. "The Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec's experience is a perfect example. Without the forum provided by the Salon des TIC to meet with public organizations, we probably wouldn't have known about this client's needs. This event, organized by the Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade, is a powerful tool for Quebec-based technology and services organizations to meet provincial government purchasing agents."

What is a managed email security solution?

Increasingly popular in the fight against spam, managed email security solutions free up IT managers because filtering rules are entirely updated by the provider. For clients, there is nothing to install, nothing to configure, nothing to update and nothing to optimize. Spam is constantly evolving, becoming increasingly pervasive and threatening to the enterprise. Rapidly proliferating and wreaking havoc on productivity, it is estimated that more than 90% of all emails are spam. Fighting it effectively requires significant resources, hard work and specialized knowledge - the reason why an expert provider dealing with millions of junk emails daily is in a better position to detect and block new types of attacks than organizations whose resources are better invested on other projects. In addition, managed security solutions such as ZEROSPAM's solution free up bandwidth from the unnecessary load taken up by spam and prevent inhouse servers from having to process millions of malicious emails.


ZEROSPAM offers companies and organizations a highly efficient professional managed email filtering service. Founded in Montreal in 2003, ZEROSPAM won the Best Business Solutions Octas award in 2005. The ZEROSPAM solution has earned the confidence of leading authorities in the field of technology, such as CRIM, the CEFRIO and the ISIQ (Information Security Institute of Quebec), reputable businesses, including the SAQ, Telefilm Canada, Stein Monast LLP and the Boards of trade of Montreal and Quebec as well as globally recognized organizations including Radialpoint and Oxfam.

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