SOURCE: Zeus Development Corporation

Zeus Development Corporation

August 20, 2009 10:44 ET

Zeus Development Corporation Announces Launch of Upstream Natural Gas Database

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - August 20, 2009) - Research and analysis from Zeus Development Corporation ("Zeus") indicates that many countries are taking dramatic steps to promote natural gas monetization. Some are aggressively pushing operators to develop their concessions to either eliminate flaring or promote widespread rapid development through lose-it-or-use-it policies. In consequence, Zeus has launched a user-friendly upstream database and virtual research tool cataloging gas development around the globe at the basin, block, and field level. The Upstream Natural Gas Database gives subscribers access to information and statistics in a customizable way, enabling them to find results quickly from selected criteria.

The database provides commercial and technical data on over 5,800 gas-containing fields and 7,500 petroleum concessions, across 360 petroliferous basins in 153 countries. Fields and concessions are listed at the region, country, and basin levels, allowing one to focus on specific areas of interest. Participants are linked to a contact database, enabling the user to quickly access a communication route with participants in a field or concession.

The data consists of the latest available information on gas-containing fields including location, status, reserves and production statistics, stake-holder and operator interests, and more. Summary information and news are available at the concession, basin, and country levels.

"From the ground up, we envisioned an up-to-date upstream data platform that is easy to use and reflects the needs of business developers in its core design, providing key data and development updates in a very cost effective and useful manner. The result is a virtual research tool for tracking gas developments around the world," Zeus upstream analyst Chris Cothran said. "Having the latest core developments available at the field or block level, without having to sift through mountains of news articles, spreadsheets, or company reports, provides the user quick access to the information they need in a handy format."

The user, for example, may use the Upstream Natural Gas Database to identify all blocks/fields where specified participants hold joint interests, or, say, where a particular upstream participant is operator.

Subscriptions are immediately available on a worldwide or region-by-region basis. Discounts are received for subscribing to both the database and its companion publication, the Zeus Gas Monetization Report, which tracks upstream natural gas exploration and production news around the world. For more information contact Zeus at 713-952-9500 or visit

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