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December 16, 2010 02:06 ET

Zhaikmunai Announces 3rd Quarter Results

LONDON--(Marketwire - December 16, 2010) -

                        Zhaikmunai L.P.
                       (the "Company")

                         (+86.3 % YoY)

London - 16 December 2010 - Zhaikmunai LP (LSE: ZKM) ("Zhaikmunai"),
the oil and gas exploration and production business based in
northwestern Kazakhstan, today announces its full financial results for
the three and nine months ended 30 September 2010.


All figures in US$ millions unless otherwise stated

                                         Q3 2010 Q3 2009 Change YoY

Revenues from oil sales                  53.126  32.750  +62.2%
EBITDA                                   26.027  20.377  +27.7%
Net income                               10.636  (357)
Production (bopd)                        8,972   6,979   +28.6%
Debt                                     381.677 381.677  Unch.
Average Realised oil price (US$ per bbl) 78.64   71.67   +9.7%
Discount (US$ per bbl)                   12.24   14.91   -17.9%
Weighted average netback (US$ per bbl)   66.40   56.76   +17.0%


All figures in US$ millions unless otherwise stated

                                         9M 2010 9M 2009  Change YoY

Revenues from oil sales                  127.780 77.430   +65.0%
EBITDA                                   71.238  38.234   +86.3%
Net income                               30.213 (20.458)
Production (bopd)                        7,683   7,239    +6.1%
Debt                                     381.677 381.677   Unch.
Average Realised oil price (US$ per bbl) 78.33   57.42    +36.4%
Discount (US$ per bbl)                   13.44   15.29    -12.1%
Weighted average netback (US$ per bbl)   64.89   42.11    +54.1%



The company has realized higher netback prices as the Brent price
recovered to a level above US$ 80 per barrel late in the third quarter.
Zhaikmunai was also able to reduce its discount thanks to better rail
tariffs and further diversification in its customer base. In July 2010,
Zhaikmunai made its first shipment of crude oil through the Black Sea
port of Feodosia (Ukraine). A total of 233,444 bbl was transported by
rail to Feodosia and sold loaded on a tanker on a Free on Board
(FOB-sale) basis.

Cost of Sales

Cost of sales increased by US$6.9million, or 21.83%, to
US$38.2million in the nine months ended 30 September 2010 from
US$31.4million in the nine months ended 30 September 2009, due
primarily to an increase in depreciation, royalties and government
profit share.


Zhaikmunai ended the third quarter of 2010 with US$ 80.88 million of
cash and cash equivalents, of which US$ 21.601 million was restricted
cash. As a result of the refinancing of its senior debt through the
issuance of a bond in October 2010, there is no longer any obligation
for Zhaikmunai to retain any of its cash in a restricted cash account.


                                         Q3 2010     Q3 2009     Change
Average daily oil production (bopd)      8,972       6,979       +28.6%
Weighted Average Netback for crude oil   US$66.40/   US$56.76/   +17.0%
sales                                    bbl         bbl

                                         9M 2010     9M 2009     Change
Average daily oil production (bopd)      7,683       7,239       +6.1%
Weighted Average Netback for crude oil   US$64.89/   US$42.11/   +54.1%
sales                                    bbl         bbl

The increase in production during the first nine months of 2010
(compared to the first nine months of 2009) was driven primarily by the
surge in test production experienced during Q3 2010 in conjunction with
the completion of new gas-condensate production wells in that period.

As a result, production jumped in the third quarter to a daily rate of
8,972 bbl. This compares with a daily production of 6,979 bbl during
the same period last year; an increase of 28.6%.

As at 30 September 2010, inventory comprised 4.4% of the Group's
current assets compared to 1.9% as at 30 September 2009.


The commencement of liquid and gas production from Zhaikmunai's Gas
Treatment Facility is imminent.Following the achievement of Mechanical
Completion on September 30th 2010, Zhaikmunai and its contractors KSS
and Exterran have been commissioning the Gas Treatment Facility during
the months of October and November. Black Start (the process whereby
reverse gas from the gas pipeline is brought into the system) has taken
place and the Gas Treatment Facility has been powered up, as part of a
comprehensive ongoing commissioning and testing schedule. An extensive
fire safety testing program is also currently under way. The State
Acceptance Committee review (the process whereby the Kazakh authorities
conduct a final technical and safety inspection) is currently ongoing.

The Gas Treatment Facility will enable Zhaikmunai to process associated
gas and gas condensateup to 48,000 boe per day from its current levels
of 7.400 boe per day. The Gas Treatment Facilityconsists of two Gas
Treatment Units each with a capacity of 850 mmcm per year. Zhaikmunai's
management expects to bring the first unit ("Train 1") on stream before
year-end and the second unit ("Train 2") shortly thereafter.


- On 30 September 2010 Zhaikmunai achieved mechanical completion of
its Gas Treatment Facility.

- On 14 October 2010 Zhaikmunai placed a US$ 450 million bond due

- On 15 November 2010 Zhaikmunai announced the successful test of
new well 115.

Kai-Uwe Kessel, Chief Executive Officer, commented:"Zhaikmunai realized
operational growth and further improvement in
margins and financial performance during the third quarter of the year.
We ended the quarter with the mechanical completion of our Gas
Treatment Facility and this will bring further growth in 2011.

During the first months of the fourth quarter, market conditions have
continued to be favourable. The Brent crude oil price remained firm but
did not reach the upper level of the price in our hedging contract,
that is set at US$ 89.25. The hedging contract will end on December

The refinancing of the company's senior debt in October 2010 has put
Zhaikmunai in a stronger financial position. Looking ahead we plan for
accelerated production growth in coming years with the objective to
reach a daily production of 120,000 boe in 2016. With a strong focus on
financial and operational efficiency we intend to drill 6 new
production wells in 2011 to reach this long-term target."

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About Zhaikmunai

Zhaikmunai is an independent oil and gas enterprise currently engaging
in the exploration and development and production of oil and gas. It is
listed on the London Stock Exchange (Ticker symbol: ZKM). Its principal
producing asset is the Chinarevskoye Field located in northwestern
Kazakhstan. Zhaikmunai L.L.P., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhaikmunai
L.P., holds a 100% interest in and is the operator of the Production
Sharing Agreement for the Chinarevskoye Field.

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