March 03, 2008 08:30 ET

Zhura Invites Writers to Join the Web 2.0 Revolution With Web-Based Screenwriting Software

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - March 3, 2008) -

News Facts

-- Until now, screenwriters have been left behind, forced to rely on increasingly outdated software, while the world around them migrates to the revolution of 2.0 Web-based technology.

-- To write professional-grade scripts in industry standard format, writers have been restricted in their options of costly packaged or downloadable screenwriting software that only offer basic functionality, preventing any collaborative script writing or sharing with others.

-- Writers must shoulder the responsibility of downloading their own software and constantly backing up their data, always fearing the loss of files and content.

-- Zhura is the only Web-based screenwriting tool and community where writers of all levels can choose to work privately on projects, collaborate in private with their friends or collaborate with the global public community, all for free.

-- Zhura recognized a need among writers to:

--  Be part of the 2.0 revolution, with the ability to easily share their
    work, foster feedback and review comments from others;
--  Have a free, non-committal alternative to an expensive investment in
    packaged software; and
--  Have a hassle-free script writing technology without the
    responsibility of downloading or backing up data and free from the fear of
    losing files.

-- Zhura offers a "virtual writer's table" that is universally accessible anytime, from anywhere, to showcase a writer's best work with either a private network of friends or with the public.

-- Zhura tracks the origin of each individual contribution and maintains a complete history of revisions and changes on each script.

-- A free membership to Zhura offers access to three areas on the site:

--  Personal - In the Personal area writers can create professionally
    formatted scripts with complete privacy and security.
--  Private Groups - In the Private Groups writers can create a private
    group and invite select friends and colleagues to work in a fully
    collaborative workspace.
--  Public - In the Public area, writers can apply a Creative Commons
    license to their script to allow Zhura members from around the world to
    read and comment on it.

Links for more information:

Zhura's Free Registration Page

Zhura's Management Team

Quote, attributable to Eric MacDonald, CEO and Founder, Zhura

"Zhura was designed to meet the needs of today's writers, eager to collaborate and share their ideas as part of a writing community. It was inspired by the potential I saw in harnessing the Web as a platform to empower writers with opportunities that go well beyond the capabilities of packaged software. The Internet is everywhere, bandwidth is plentiful, and online storage is fast and secure, so as the world around us migrates to a Web-based environment, Zhura offers screenwriters the chance to be part of the next generation of 2.0 writers."

Quote, attributable to Jeffry A. DeCola, actor, writer and Zhura user

"A couple weeks ago I was in a meeting to review the script for a pilot I was working on with a few writers. During the meeting, we were trying to coordinate how we would circulate the script for everyone's review and edits. I suggested we use Zhura and explained that none of the archaic back and fourth is necessary anymore. All collaboration can take place online, and with Zhura, we'd all be able to easily see each others' revisions and edits. Because of the way Zhura is designed, the software tracks each writer's individual contributions to the script and changes are color coded so each writer can see where changes were made and who made them. Actually, it's brilliant and Zhura easily sold itself to a handful of new users."

About Zhura

Based in Boston, MA, Zhura aims to fundamentally change the way writers develop ideas and create scripts. As innovative visionaries of technology, Zhura creates software to meet the sophisticated demands of today's writers, looking to migrate from restrictive desktop applications to a more intelligent and flexible Web-based solution. Zhura is a powerful Web-based scriptwriting tool for writers who want to easily create scripts of all kinds, in a professional, industry-standard format and collaborate with like-minded people from around the world. Zhura allows users to share ideas or scripts and to read and comment on the work of others as part of a diverse writing community. As the only free collaborative Web-based screenwriting tool with an industry standard user interface, Zhura has the potential to open doors for aspiring writers by bringing them professional grade tools and the ability to build a writing network without the expense and limitations of packaged software. Founded in 2007, Zhura is privately held and funded. For more information, visit

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