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March 14, 2005 08:02 ET

Zi Corporation Unveils Qix'TM'-the First Service Discovery Engine for Mobile Phones at CTIA




MARCH 14, 2005 - 08:02 ET

Zi Corporation Unveils Qix'TM'-the First Service
Discovery Engine for Mobile Phones at CTIA

2005) - Zi Corporation (TSX:ZIC)(NASDAQ:ZICA) - CTIA 2005

Technology Enables Users to Quickly and Easily Access Features and
Applications Which Will Drive Service Usage and Carrier ARPU

Zi Corporation (Nasdaq:ZICA)(TSX:ZIC), a leading provider of intelligent
interface solutions, today announced at the CTIA Wireless 2005
Exhibition the Americas release of Qix™, the wireless industry's
first service discovery engine for mobile phone users. Pronounced
"quicks," this new software enhances a mobile phone's existing user
interface (UI) and enables users to quickly and easily access a phone's
full set of features, applications and services, without the having to
the phone's built-in menu structure. For the first time, users can
intuitively access information directly from the idle screen by simply
pressing a few buttons on the standard keypad. Zi Corporation will be
demonstrating Qix at Booth #4913 at CTIA 2005 in New Orleans this week.

Combining patented technology and a unique, proprietary indexing engine,
Qix significantly reduces the number of key presses necessary to use a
mobile phone's full service and feature set. Qix eliminates the need to
scroll through complex menu systems. By indexing everything on the
mobile phone, from stored contacts to application names, Qix greatly
enhances the user experience. By helping users more intuitively locate
mobile phone features, Qix drives service usage and adoption, resulting
in increased Average Revenue per User (ARPU) for wireless carriers.

"The wireless industry is constantly introducing new phone models with a
wide range of services and feature sets to eager consumers," said Glen
Morgan, senior vice president of global sales and marketing, Zi
Corporation. "However, most of these new services and features are
underutilized because they are lost within a handset's menu system. With
our intuitive technology for service discovery, Qix enables users to
realize the power of their mobile phone and helps wireless carriers
promote user adoption of new revenue-generating services."

Qix uses all the information stored in the mobile phone to make choices
available to the user. For example, by pressing the "9/WXYZ" key
followed by the "3/DEF" key, Qix will immediately produce a list of
contacts, individuals or companies, whose names or numbers begin with
these combinations. This list might include a colleague's name from the
phonebook with the letters "WE," such as Wendy, or a company's number
with the sequence of "93," such as 403-555-9300. Qix also displays
applications, services, bookmarks, help files or games available on the
device containing the number sequence "93" or letter combinations of
"WXYZ" with "DEF." As an example of this, Qix would present the Web
browser application, a URL bookmark, such as Yell.com, and the Web
settings help file from the phone's menu. The user then simply
highlights and clicks on the relevant item and it is opened regardless
of whether it is an application, bookmark or contact name.

Commenting on the Qix technology, Morten Grauballe, vice-president of
product management at Symbian, said, "We are delighted that the first
version of Qix is based on the Symbian OS, the world's leading operating
system for smartphones. The phone user interface enhancement delivered
by Qix will provide enormous benefits to users, handset manufacturers
and operators."

"Qix will radically change the user's experience," said Milos Djokovic,
CTO and COO at Zi Corporation. "With other systems, if a user wants to
send a SMS to a colleague, he would have to find and open the
application, figure out how to enter and / or find a contact, compose
the message, attach it to the addressee's details and then send it - a
lengthy, multiple key press experience. Qix simplifies and speeds up the
whole process with just a few simple key presses - without menus."

When presented with a phonebook contact, Qix provides a list of the
related services, such as SMS messaging, e-mail and photo sharing. By
exposing users to features that they might not otherwise discover or
know how to access, Qix eliminates the need for wireless carriers to
direct users to services and applications via the phone's menu system or
user manual. Users can now easily employ all the features on their
phone. Wireless carriers can drive subscribers to revenue-generating
services through the direct interaction with the handset.

For media interviews or Qix demonstrations at CTIA, please contact Keith
Giannini or Laura Ackerman at 781-684-0770 or zicorp@schwartz-pr.com.

About Zi Corporation

Zi Corporation (www.zicorp.com) is a technology company that delivers
intelligent interface solutions to enhance the user experience of
wireless and consumer technologies. The company provides device
manufacturers and network operators with a full range of intuitive and
easy-to-use input solutions, including: eZiText® for one-touch
predictive text entry; eZiTap™ for intelligent multi-tap entry,
Decuma® for natural handwriting recognition and the new Qix™
service discovery engine to enhance the user experience and drive
service usage and adoption. Zi's product portfolio dramatically improves
the usability of mobile phones, PDAs, gaming devices and set-top boxes
and the applications on them including SMS, MMS, e-mail and Internet
browsing. Zi supports its strategic partners and customers from offices
in Asia, Europe and North America. A publicly traded company, Zi
Corporation is listed on the Nasdaq National Market (ZICA) and the
Toronto Stock Exchange (ZIC).

This release may be deemed to contain forward-looking statements, which
are subject to the safe harbour provisions of the United States Private
Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking
statements include, among other things, statements regarding future
events and the future financial performance of Zi Corporation that
involve risks and uncertainties. Readers are cautioned that these
forward-looking statements are only predictions and may differ
materially from actual future events or results due to a variety of
factors, including: the growth trends in the input technology industry;
new product development; global economic conditions and uncertainties in
the geopolitical environment; financial and operating performance of
Zi's OEM customers and variations in their customer demand for products
and services; the ability to successfully acquire businesses and
technologies and to successfully integrate and operate these acquired
businesses and technologies; dependence on the introduction and market
acceptance of new product offerings and standards; rapid technological
and market change; matters affecting Zi Corporation's significant
shareholder; litigation involving patents, intellectual property, and
other matters; the ability to recruit and retain key personnel; Zi
Corporation's ability to manage financial risk; currency fluctuations
and other international factors; potential volatility in operating
results and other factors listed in Zi Corporation's filings with the
Securities and Exchange Commission. Any projections in this release are
based on limited information currently available to Zi Corporation,
which is subject to change. Although any such projections and the
factors influencing them will likely change, except to the extent
required by law, Zi Corporation will not necessarily update the
information. Such information speaks only as of the date of this release.

Zi, Decuma, Qix, eZiTap and eZiText are either trademarks or registered
trademarks of Zi Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of
their respective owners.


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