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April 26, 2012 11:00 ET Addresses High Percentage of Married Members on Dating Sites

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 26, 2012) - Zidelity® provides a website ( that can help users of any dating site find a committed partner. Historically, the high percentage of married individuals on mainstream dating websites has made it difficult for users to find exclusive relationships.

With Zidelity members can:

  • Screen out users of dating sites who are already in any type of relationship (e.g., marriage, engagement, boyfriend-girlfriend)
  • Boost their chances and differentiate their dating profiles by emphasizing that they use Zidelity to show their interest in an exclusive relationship
  • Establish and maintain trust once the relationship starts

Moreover, Zidelity members need not compromise any privacy!

Zidelity allows two people who "meet" on a dating website to later record that they are dating. Once recorded, neither of them can deny nor secretly change his or her Zidelity dating status. If one of them is already in a relationship, the person can be caught by his or her significant other. Thus, a person who is already in a relationship is unlikely to use Zidelity, which gives confidence that Zidelity users are indeed single. Thanks to Zidelity's Selective Transparency technology, this is achieved without even making users' information public.

Additionally, before meeting a person or even knowing the person's last name, a member can use zPeek to see a snapshot of the other person's Zidelity profile for some assurance that the person is not already in a relationship. This allows the Zidelity member to filter out users of dating websites who are already in a relationship without wasting time and emotional energy.

While it is possible to record your relationship on a social networking site such as Facebook, announcing your relationship to everyone in your social circle is a big step; many people use this as an excuse not to do it. Moreover, because social networking websites do not verify their users' identities, a married person can easily create multiple profiles with discrepant relationship statuses.

By separating declaration of a relationship from one's social network, Zidelity eliminates the social pressure of publicly declaring a relationship status -- making it easy to declare a relationship anytime, even as early as a first date. A person's information cannot be viewed by others unless they want to start a relationship with him/her and ask the person to view his/her profile.

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