February 14, 2012 13:20 ET

ZigMail™ Launches Free Application to End Email Overload

Helping Consumers Shop Smarter and Stay Organized by Eliminating Inbox Clutter

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Feb 14, 2012) - ZigMail, a privately-held provider of software applications that simplify your transactional life, today unveiled ZigMail, a web solution to combat personal email overload. ZigMail works with your current email, offering an easy, safe and secure way to organize the messages you request from companies, such as retailers and financial institutions. Try it at

Studies confirm the majority of us (74 percent) prefer email for commercial communication and most (63 percent) check our email accounts at least daily1, yet consumers lose time and money keeping up with the avalanche of email -- such as daily deals, receipts, account updates and other communication that is transactional in nature.

With ZigMail, you can "zig" right to the important messages you want to act on immediately, like a limited time offer, or those you want to file away, like a receipt or a shipping notification. ZigMail captures and sorts these messages and delivers them to your computer, smartphone or tablet device as a summarized daily ZigDigest. Learn how easy it is to tame your inbox in the ZigMail video at

"We're all frustrated and overwhelmed by our personal inboxes being clogged and have a hard time keeping up while we're on the go," said Michael Kennedy, president and co-founder at ZigMail. "Everyone is cobbling together ways to handle the overload, but ZigMail is able to remove that burden from the user -- it's a perfect use of technology. The validation ZigMail is getting from users, influencers and investors is amazing and it's exciting to see adoption climbing. ZigMail is catalyzing a new approach to accessing information and it's a win-win for consumers and marketers."

ZigMail: Email Simplified

With today's beta release, users can sign up for a free ZigMail account that includes:

  • ZigMail - An application that offers an easy, safe and secure way to tame your inbox. Keep your current personal email account while ZigMail provides a new transactional identity. ZigMail automatically captures and sorts your messages into six color-coded categories: Notices & Alerts, Time Sensitive Offers, Shopping & Catalogs, Personal Interests, Receipts & Records and Miscellaneous.
  • ZigMail Digest - A daily summary of your ZigMail inbox delivered each morning so you can quickly scan your important messages.
  • ZigMail QuickStart™ - Our wizard gets your ZigMail identity up and running in minutes by identifying transactional emails that are overloading your personal email inbox and moving them over to ZigMail.

Watch the video to see how ZigMail works.

ZigMail Shout-Outs

Read more ZigMail user testimonials and try it free at

  • "Finally my world online at my fingertips. ZigMail is awesome!" - Jim
  • "ZigMail has freed up so much time. It has helped organize me and I actually am signing up for deal sites." - Helene
  • "Having ZigMail is awesome. I'm never afraid to give out my email address, and I'm not afraid to sign up for anything I'm interested in. Love it!" - Phyllis

Greenfield for Marketers

Because users aren't afraid to give out their ZigMail address, they gain the freedom to engage in e-commerce if they feared being inundated with email, while email-savvy consumers can use ZigMail to get organized, save time, money and energy without becoming an expert in email rules, folders and workflow. ZigMail's very high open and click-through rates present fertile ground for marketers to validate their personalization strategies and nurture relationships with their best customers.

CEO and co-founder Richard Gerstein added, "There's been an explosion of tools to help users manage their social lives, but users are clamoring for ways to manage their households, shopping and accounts -- all the transactional communication that relates to the business side of their personal life. Whether you're a stay-at-home dad, a savvy shopper or a working mom who's juggling it all, ZigMail is a fun and easy way to regain your personal time instead of being buried in email. By taking an entirely new approach to digital communications, ZigMail is mending the broken relationship between consumers and marketers."

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Founding Team of Technology Veterans

ZigMail is backed by angel investors and is led by a seasoned team of technology entrepreneurs from Chicago, IL and Silicon Valley, CA with experience at companies such as HP, Sears Holdings and successful startup ventures. ZigMail was founded by Michael Kennedy, founder of Chicago-based Sssh Technology and former president and COO of VerveLife; Richard Gerstein, former vice president of Strategy and Worldwide Marketing at the Personal Systems Group at HP, former chief marketing officer (CMO) at Sears Holdings, marketing executive at Procter & Gamble and several technology startups; award-winning communication design expert Eric Wagner, principal at True Story, Inc.; and application development experts Orin Fink and Jeff Janda, partners at Thirdwave, LLC, the technology services firm behind ZigMail.

About ZigMail

ZigMail is a privately-held, angel-backed provider of applications that simplify your transactional life. Designed to thwart email overload, ZigMail makes email less of a headache for consumers and more impactful for marketers by automatically capturing, sorting and summarizing transactional communications from companies, such as offers, deals, account summaries and receipts. ZigMail works with your current email account without downloading anything to your desktop, tablet or mobile device. ZigMail has offices in Chicago, IL and San Francisco, CA. Founded in 2011, ZigMail is an offering of Outhaul, LLC. Try ZigMail free at Join us on Twitter and like us on Facebook and YouTube.

ZigMail™ is an Outhaul, LLC offering. ZigMail™, ZigDigest™ and QuickStart™ are the property of Outhaul, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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