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October 06, 2015 13:30 ET

Zip - The Question Answer App Providing Brands With Valuable Consumer Analytics

Proprietary Technology Brings Advertisers, Companies Closer to Consumers

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - October 06, 2015) - Zip - The Question Answer App is turning traditional marketing on its head with its proprietary technology that allows brands to engage with consumers in a more meaningful and fun way.

Zip, funded by technology think tank Crazy Raccoons, LLC, is a unique and patent-pending social app that is quickly gaining popularity. The app instantly settles friendly squabbles, arguments, debates, and opinion-based questions by anonymously gathering responses from fellow users.

Users can download Zip - The Question Answer App, available for free in both the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store, to easily:

  • Get answers to opinion-based questions by consensus they can't get online;
  • Settle questions in the timeframe they choose and in as little as 15 minutes;
  • Prove their opinion is right on any subject;
  • Weigh in on questions that matter to them, from fun and crazy to philosophical and newsworthy;
  • Both ask questions and provide answers in 100% anonymity;
  • Interact with their favorite personalities, brands, events, teams, and media, including print, radio, television, podcasts and more;
  • Be notified of trending questions as little or as often as they want;
  • Personalize their feed to only get questions that match their interests and from other users in the age range they select.

Personalities, media and brands can request a personalized QuickCode for Zip to speak directly to their audience while obtaining real-time results and analytics to questions posed. A QuickCode is communicated to consumers by personalities, media and brands so they can instantly access a specific question that has been associated with the QuickCode. Each QuickCode becomes a unique code for the brand within Zip, and functions similarly to a branded channel. Consumers will also be able to subscribe to QuickCodes they are interested in, offering a complimentary tool to enhance other social media platforms with analytics and a way for users to engage with their favorite personalities, brands and media. Zip - The Question Answer App is already being used by top radio stations in Los Angeles to engage with their audience via the QuickCodes.

The app -- which is built with monetization and scalability in mind -- can anonymously predict consumer behavior, and help companies boost brand awareness and drive sales. The patent-pending app provides a more narrowly focused and targeted approach to assess not only who customers are, but what they like and don't like, and their propensity to feel a certain way about certain topics.

Zip - The Question Answer App targets psychographics -- the study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria, especially in market research -- in addition to drawing on straight demographic data. The app gives businesses in any sector the opportunity to gain insight about their consumer base never before available.

"In today's highly competitive social environment, everyone knows that content is king with consumers leaning more toward apps where they create the content. What makes Zip so appealing to brands is users create content in the form of questions so they are also designating their likes and dislikes, which fills the role of market research in a very fun, game-like way," said Ric Militi, founder and CEO of Crazy Raccoons. "Additionally, when we roll out the monetization model it will allow brands to create complete marketing campaigns that obtain a plethora of data in both quantitative and qualitative forms. There is no other app in the universe that can do what Zip - The Question Answer App does for businesses."

Rob Enderle, who heads up market research firm The Enderle Group, said, "There is a very concerted effort to move activities that would typically be done on search engines to applications and both better focus on more specific user needs better and pull revenue away from Google. In addition, crowd sourcing answers to questions can often do a better job of addressing the specific issue of matching what the person asking the question really wants to know."

Unlike other methods for obtaining analytics via polling, Zip first captures audience attention purely through content they desire with a fun, "gamified" association.

"Surveys are very vertical in nature, but with Zip, users are constantly answering questions in all different categories so the experience never feels like a poll, but rather an interesting conversation," Militi said. "This allows brands to engage consumers in a more personable way."

About Zip - The Question Answer App

Zip - The Question Answer App, created by San Diego-based technology think tank Crazy Raccoons, LLC, is a unique and fun social app that instantly settles friendly squabbles, arguments, debates and opinion-based questions by gathering responses from fellow users quickly and anonymously. Zip is revolutionizing the communications industry with its proprietary app, which allows for interactive, two-way communication between brands and personalities and their audience while also providing insightful analytics. Unlike most new apps, Zip - The Question Answer App has launched simultaneously in both the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store. More information at

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