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October 05, 2015 12:00 ET

ZIPmagic With 100% Free File Compression Is the Perfect Fix for WinRAR's Remote Code Execution Vulnerability and WinZip's Cost

ZIPmagic's Free (as in Beer) File Compression Is the Ideal Upgrade for More Than 500 Million Users Who Are at Risk of Compromise via an Unpatched Winrar Bug, and Even More Winzip Users Who Paid a Fortune to Obtain Fewer Benefits Compared to Zipmagic

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwired - October 05, 2015) - A Remote Code Execution Vulnerability has been discovered in the latest version of WinRAR, which remains unpatched in version 5.21, as described in detail at the URL on Wednesday last week. ZIPmagic offers 100% free file compression functionality and is the ideal upgrade for the 500 million WinRAR users who are affected by this security flaw. In fact, even without this vulnerability, the benefits offered by ZIPmagic as listed at would justify the completely free upgrade from WinRAR to ZIPmagic. Similarly, while Corel charges $60 for the WinZip with WinZip Courier package, functionality of which are met and exceeded by ZIPmagic’s excellent file compression offering as illustrated in detail at, ZIPmagic is offered for completely free.

ZIPmagic’s 100% free file compression is plug-in extensible, having no innate knowledge of any particular data compression type. ZIPmagic ships with two plug-ins: The first is built on the latest stable version of the excellent open source 7-Zip stack, which outperforms most popular compressors (including RAR) in file compression tests, and also supports RAR5 archives, which 7-Zip itself cannot extract. The second plug-in is the 100% WinZip compatible ZIPX format, including support for JPEG and audio compression.

ZIPmagic’s free file compression also offers a unique level of integration with Windows Explorer, displaying 85 archive types supported by its two present plug-ins as native file system folders; including RAR, 7Z, and ZIPX files. Operations such as drag&drop, copy&paste, and double-click transparently extract, compress, and edit files contained inside compressed folders. When a file is changed in its editor and saved, ZIPmagic even offers to update its original copy in the “archive folder” with the new version.

ZIPmagic’s free file compression offering is further strengthened with a host of more unique tools: “Find Smallest Archive” creates archives using every compression format supported by ZIPmagic plug-ins, objectively creating the smallest archive possible with a single right-click in Windows Explorer on any live set of files and folders. “Recursive Extract”, again a single right-click in Windows Explorer, exhaustively extracts any selected archive, including all nested archives inside it; until no more archives remain. A regular extraction right-click operation on multiple archives in Windows Explorer starts all extraction processes simultaneously when ZIPmagic detects the underlying storage is an SSD -- exponentially accelerating extraction speeds.

ZIPmagic’s 100% free file compression also offers stand-alone applications and wizards to work with archives outside of Windows Explorer. A Microsoft Outlook Add-In seamlessly compresses outgoing attachments, with archive type selection just single click on the ZIPmagic Outlook Ribbon Bar (a feature WinZip charges an extra $30 for). A secure transparent archive previewer is also supplied for Outlook.

ZIPmagic can afford to provide file compression outclassing both WinZip and WinRAR, and especially the vital support services that are necessary for organizations to standardize on any product, 100% free; thanks to its rapidly expanding transparent disk compression business. There have been absolutely no vendors offering transparent disk compression for PCs since the early 1990s, despite the thousand-fold increases in CPU power in the two decades that have passed since. ZIPmagic is the first and only vendor addressing this glaring gap with disk compression for modern 32-bit/64-bit Windows operating systems; reducing the total costs of ownership for SSDs, non-upgradeable tablets, and servers.

Even installing ZIPmagic is a breeze, compared to WinZip and WinRAR: The intelligent InstallAware Wizard takes a single-click to install or uninstall ZIPmagic, supporting all operating systems from Windows XP through to Windows Server 2016, whether 32 bit or 64 bit, from a single setup package.

About ZIPmagic Software

ZIPmagic Software is the inventor of transparent disk compression for Microsoft Windows, and the technology leader in the data compression industry. For more information, a free unrestricted 30 day trial download, OEM bundling inquiries for SSD manufacturers, fixed-storage/non-upgradeable tablets, and VPS/dedicated server bundling inquiries for web hosting companies, please visit

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