September 13, 2011 00:01 ET

Zirtu Launches Serverless VDI Product Based on Type 0 Hypervisor at DEMO Fall 2011

A New Type of Client-Side Virtualization, Zirtu Provides More Benefits Than Today's DaaS Solutions With None of the Drawbacks

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2011) - Zirtu today launched its new desktop virtualization product that finally enables widespread adoption of client-side virtualization, with soaring per-server density, unhindered user experience and performance -- and is usable anywhere, even offline. By eliminating the cost and the essential functionality issues, Zirtu turns desktop virtualization into an affordable and smoothly deployable product for enterprise IT, cloud providers, and SMB businesses alike.

Following the undisputed success of server virtualization, client-side virtualization has become the new frontier for today's IT. Existing virtualization technologies -- such as VDI, Type 2 & 1 hypervisors -- have been developed for server-side and have done the job there. However, VDI means more and more costly servers in the datacenter and requires constant connection. In addition, VDI's Type 2 & 1 hypervisor technology adds a mandatory virtual hardware layer and redundant underlying OS to each client machine, which harms performance, prevents many applications from running at all, and limits connectivity to peripherals. Zirtu has been developed for client-side from the ground up, solving all of the above issues.

"Enterprise IT does not have to be expensive, painful and outdated," said Zirtu's Jake Liff. "We have talked extensively to end-users, to CIOs, to analysts and have identified the main pain points of centralized computing and desktop virtualization -- high costs, complexity, VM-limited user experience and constant connectivity requirements. We have then created the technology that solves them, enabling unprecedented per-server density, offline use, and providing an unhindered user experience and genuine performance. Plus, the IT staff will enjoy state-less end-points and seamless transition."

Zirtu's low cost and uncompromising benefits make centralized desktop virtualization feasible and economical even for smaller businesses with minimal IT staff and resources, not just for Enterprise IT and for Cloud and Service Providers.

"Zirtu has created a unique and promising product, which promises to bring previously unattainable benefits to the desktop virtualization space," said Matt Marshall, executive producer, DEMO. "It has the potential to disrupt the desktop virtualization market."

Zirtu Desktop Virtualization Suite is available now, and will be offered to new clients at a discount per-user price ($119 MSRP) for 90 days.

About Zirtu
Zirtu provides desktop virtualization products to enterprise, cloud/service provider and SMB clients that are based on a unique Type 0 Hypervisor technology that offers soaring per-server density, unhindered user experience and genuine performance -- and is usable anywhere, even offline. Zirtu technology makes virtualization affordable and readily usable across the market. For more information, visit

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