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October 19, 2009 08:00 ET

ZL UA 7.0 Enables Large Scale Enterprise E-Discovery

ZL Consolidates All Corporate Data Into a Single Repository for High Performance

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - October 19, 2009) - ZL Technologies, Inc., the leader in archiving and e-discovery software for the large enterprise, today announced the seventh major upgrade to its flagship product, ZL Unified Archive (ZL UA), to be available in the fourth quarter of 2009. ZL UA 7.0 empowers large enterprises to proactively take control of e-discovery by consolidating all corporate data into a single repository, enabling instantaneous e-discovery searches across the enterprise for the first time, while dramatically reducing storage costs.

ZL UA 7.0 changes the way that enterprises perform e-discovery by building virtual cases within the existing archive. Data is left in its original location to eliminate the time delay of exporting and importing data between applications or across networks; this approach enables instantaneous investigative searches and Early Case Assessment. ZL also enforces legal holds, applies customized tags, and builds a secondary index to enable advanced concept searches, all without moving the data. In UA 7.0, ZL introduces faceted search, wherein reviewers can operate on the dataset across dozens of customizable search parameters, guided by graphical representations, to produce culled data within minutes.

With each successive release, ZL UA has handled more data types. In UA 7.0, ZL offers comprehensive support for a broad range of data types including:

--  Microsoft SharePoint
--  Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS)
--  Structured content (relational databases)
--  XML
--  E-mail from any mail sever, including Sun Java Messaging Server, IBM
    Lotus Domino, Sun Java Messenger Server, and SMTP-based mail servers such
    as qmail
--  Instant messages from all standard IM systems and Bloomberg Messaging
--  Electronic faxes
--  BlackBerry text messages and call logs
--  IBM Lotus Quickr
--  Files from any corporate file system

"The ability to handle such a wide range of data types highlights one of the key value propositions ZL offers to large enterprises, which is the ability to search the entire corpus of data across all parts of the enterprise, all custodians, all data types, and all date ranges, within seconds," said Kon Leong, chief executive officer of ZL Technologies. "Enabling such fast and comprehensive searches allows legal teams to hone search queries using iterative searching. Counsel can go into negotiations with a clearer understanding of their data and which keywords uncover what data. The ramifications of instantaneous searches are far-reaching. For example, lawyers could, during search-terms negotiations, test out the potency of search terms, as they arise. We have not yet begun to explore the possibilities."

"E-discovery has developed to the point where, for many, the ability to search across all custodians in a quick and timely manner has become a critical requirement," says George Socha of Socha Consulting, Inc., a leading e-discovery consultancy. "The shortcomings of a limited custodian search, or for that matter, any other arbitrary search limitations, can be substantial. Searching across a broad swath of data can have enormous value to the large enterprise, reducing uncertainty in the e-discovery process by improving the chances that legal teams have examined the most important data available to them."

ZL Unified Archive's fully integrated platform provides the fastest and most comprehensive e-discovery searching at a total cost of ownership (TCO) that is a fraction of older archiving systems. ZL's option of consolidation into a single vault and a single database can slash TCO and simplify administration, while ZL's Grid Computing enables extreme scaling and high availability for all archiving functions at a fraction of the server count required by other archiving solutions.

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