February 18, 2009 08:00 ET

Zmags Enhances Self-Service Digital Publishing Platform With New Design and Security Features

Enhancements Reduce Costs and Increase Online Readership While Giving Customers Better Control Over Design, Presentation and Security of Digital Publications

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - February 18, 2009) - Digital publishing platform provider Zmags announced today that it has enhanced its flagship service, Zmags Publicator, with new features that give customers better control over the design, presentation and security of their digital publications.

Zmags Publicator transforms traditional print media and PDF files into more appealing interactive presentations that greatly enhance the reader experience in order to increase circulation, boost online sales and lower publishing costs. Zmags is known for its exceptional rich media, analytics and SEO capabilities, and for its ability to give customers wide design latitude within a framework of templates for virtually any type of publication -- including magazines, catalogs, brochures and reports. Customers include 3M, Chevrolet, IKEA, Microsoft and Volkswagen.

Last October, Zmags raised the bar on digital publishing solutions with a major new release that gave customers tremendous creative latitude, the ability to integrate multiple publications into one file, and iPhone support. Today, Zmags enhanced the service yet again by adding the following new features:

--  Offline Viewer: Enables Zmags customers to create offline versions of
    publications with all the advanced features and customization (such as rich
    media) included in the online versions. This means Zmags can be stored for
    easy distribution on any type of media including CDs and memory sticks.
--  Security Pack: Enables customers to require passwords or login from
    readers, on their own website or directly on the publication, before
    readers can access Zmag publications. They can also set up filters for what
    IP addresses, or range of addresses, have permission to view individual
--  Viewer API: Enables customers to run Zmag publications within the
    framework of their own website. Using JavaScript to communicate between
    publication and website, they can then track events and change content,
    such as banners. This feature also allows customers to create their own
    search field that activates the search functionality in the Zmag

"Having a Software-as-a-Service offering means we can get upgrades like these into the hands of our customers immediately," said Jens Karstoft, CEO of Zmags. "The next time they log onto their Zmags account to create a digital publication, they have access to all our new features."

Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority: "Readership and traffic are way up since we switched to Zmags"

Zmags has won rave reviews from customers primarily for how easily and quickly they can create professional-looking, interactive digital publications. One is the Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority, which publishes both a Visitor's Guide and a Golf Guide in Zmags format.

According to Senior Manager of eMarketing April Clark, prior to using Zmags, the Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority outsourced creation of its digital publications -- but found the process to be both slow and expensive. "We knew we could do a better job -- and do it faster -- if we took it in house," said Clark, who added that Zmags was quite easy to learn how to use. "With Zmags, we can create our digital publications in a couple of days. With our previous vendor, it took a month and cost twice as much. In addition, Zmags lets us embed rich media, and gives us instant access to readership stats. We can already see that readership and traffic are way up since we switched to Zmags, and that really benefits our members."

Zmags will demonstrate its new capabilities at the upcoming Technology for Marketing & Advertising conference, taking place in London Feb. 24 and 25 (Stand B6). For a free trial of Zmags Publicator, visit

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