Zolar Technology & Mfg Co. Inc.

Zolar Technology & Mfg Co. Inc.

July 08, 2013 09:00 ET

Zolar Technology & Mfg Co. Inc. Announces Photon Series Diode Lasers Product Launch for the USA Market...

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - July 8, 2013) -

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Zolar Technology & Mfg Co. Inc. announces that it has received FDA clearance of its exciting new Soft Tissue Dental Laser - Photon (3w) and Photon plus (10w) adding one of the most innovative products in the dental laser industry.

"After the success of ZOLAR - Photon series in the world of dentistry," said Paul Atkins, Executive Officer, Zolar Technology & Mfg Co. Inc. "We can share the amazing news that Zolar Laser products have now been granted compliance to the world's most reputable regulatory approval certificates - FDA, Health Canada (MDL) & European standards. Zolar have sold thousands of lasers worldwide and now due to high demands by dealers & dentist in the USA, we are now open for business in this market. We have provided our diode laser products throughout the globe and now our in presence in the US market will be an additional benefit for people in the USA."

The new Photon (3w power and 810nm wavelength) offers 21 adjustable/customizable treatment programs together with 4 custom programs while the Photon plus (10w power and 980nm wavelength) offers 22 adjustable/customizable treatment programs and 3 custom programs, including bleaching ability. The Photon Series Soft Tissue Dental Diode Lasers includes a large 3.5" LCD display with a unique built-in Navigation Technology and Tutorials, Multilingual Interface, Portable Power Module (can work wireless for 3.5 - 4 hrs with battery backup) with password security, wireless footswitch control all supported by a standard three (3) year warranty, the best in the industry. A full range of accessory items including: protective glass's, bendable disposable tips, cutting fiber and bleaching hand piece. The Photon series of Soft Tissue Dental Lasers offer a wide range of precise and safe surgical procedures on all oral soft tissue including: Fibroma removal, Frenectomies, Troughing, Succular debridement and removal of highly inflamed edematous tissue.

Paul added, "Zolar Technology & Mfg Co. Inc. brings innovative products to meet not only the technical, but also the clinical needs of the dental community. The new Photon and Photon plus products provide the dentist with unprecedented features and at the most affordable cost. The increased workflow and unique range of clinical treatment applications will give the dentist the quality tools they demand with speed, convenience and flexibility. As dental healthcare continues to evolve, our company is in a unique position to deliver the value of a quality product in a personalized manner."

Zolar intends to showcase its new Photon series of soft tissue dental lasers at the upcoming American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) in September 2013 and the 89th Annual Greater New York Dental Meeting in November 2013.

About Zolar Technology & Mfg Co. Inc.

Zolar is a company driven by the needs of dentists, oral hygienists and surgeons. With 20 years of research and experience of renowned dentist, our intent has been to continuously re-invent and improve both our product and our services, to bring to you the best across the globe. We want to enable you to perform all surgeries related to soft tissues with the most ease and absolute perfection.

Zolar provides transformational medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age of patient care. Our broad expertise in dental and manufacturing technologies, performance improvement and services help our customers to deliver better care to more people around the world at a lower cost. In addition, we partner with dental healthcare leaders, striving to leverage the global policy change necessary to implement a successful shift to sustainable dental healthcare solutions. For more information about Zolar, please visit our website at www.zolartek.com.

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