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May 24, 2007 08:00 ET

Zoom® Introduces Phone Adapter for Skype™

Plug-in Adapter Works With Cordless, Corded and Mobile Phones

BOSTON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 24, 2007 -- Zoom Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZOOM) announced today the first shipments of its Phone Adapter for Skype, Model 5900. The Adapter makes it easy for Skype users to use their favorite phones, even mobile phones, to make and receive money-saving calls. A truly international product, the Adapter includes documentation and voice prompts in 13 languages including English and Spanish.

Installation is easy for any Windows XP, 2000, or Vista computer running Skype. After installing the included software, the user plugs the Adapter into the computer's USB port. The user then plugs an ordinary phone (corded or cordless) into the Adapter. That's all it takes to enjoy the power, convenience, and low cost of Skype.

Cordless phone users can make or receive low-cost Skype calls anywhere in the home or office with wireless convenience. Phones with caller ID displays will show Skype user names on incoming Skype calls; and features like call waiting, conference calling, and call forwarding are easily controlled from either the PC or the phone.

If the Adapter is also plugged into an ordinary phone line, a mobile phone user can make and receive calls through Skype. The Adapter acts as a bridge between Skype and the mobile phone, sending incoming Skype calls to the mobile phone and routing appropriate mobile phone calls out through Skype. To make a call, a mobile phone user simply dials the number of the ordinary phone line where the Adapter is plugged in. The Adapter answers incoming calls after a user-selected number of rings, and then gives a voice prompt. Then the caller can key in a password to enable dialing through Skype. Calls on the user's Skype list can be speed-dialed by using a 2-digit speed-dial code. Calls to any non-Skype phone number can be placed by dialing 00 followed by the phone number, as long as the user has signed up for the Skype option that allows dialing non-Skype phone numbers. Similarly, Skype phone calls coming into a PC from anywhere in the world can be automatically routed to a mobile phone.

The mobile-to-Skype feature typically saves a U.S. caller $1.50 or more per minute when placing calls to people outside North America, because mobile phone charges only apply to the call between the mobile phone and the Adapter. That call is typically inexpensive or even free.

Plugging the Adapter into an ordinary phone line also assures that emergency calls work the same way they do with a regular phone, even if there's a power outage.

Voice mail for both Skype and non-Skype calls is provided by the Model 5900, with storage and management of the voice messages on the PC. The voice mail interface and system administration prompts are provided in thirteen languages -- Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese. The appropriate language is chosen automatically based on the language used for the user's Windows PC. Greeting messages can also be recorded by the user, similar to an answering machine.

Model 5900 is USB port powered to eliminate power cube clutter.

"People love Skype, but many of those people are tired of the inconvenience of a headset that ties them to their PC," said Frank Manning, Zoom's President. "Our new Phone Adapter for Skype lets people use whatever phone they want, even if it's a cordless phone or a mobile phone. They can roam free of their computer, and still enjoy the many benefits of Skype."

The Model 5900 Phone Adapter for Skype has an estimated retail price of $49.

For additional information on Zoom's Model 5900 Skype adapter and other Zoom VoIP products, please see VoIP information on Zoom's website.

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