August 25, 2005 10:00 ET

ZOOtech Ships Regionalization Utility for DVD-EXTRA STUDIO

New Tool Dramatically Improves the Process of Regionalized DVD Menu Production

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and SHEFFIELD, UK -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 25, 2005 -- ZOOtech, the interactive DVD technology pioneer, transforms the DVD production process again with the launch of its new Regionalization Utility for DVD-EXTRA STUDIO™. With this new utility, DVD-EXTRA STUDIO customers can take advantage of a radically simplified process for the creation of regionalized DVD menus. Now ZOOtech's customers can save time and reduce labor costs, commonly associated with the production of regionalized DVDs using traditional 'copy and paste' methods.

"The Regionalization Utility for DVD-EXTRA STUDIO increased our productivity almost immediately," said Duncan Wain, Executive Vice President and CTO, Comchoice®, a leader in the design and development of advanced interactive DVD entertainment, educational and game products. "Regionalization was a tedious, highly manual process, requiring designers to 'cut and paste' for hours. When we began using the Regionalization Utility for DVD-EXTRA STUDIO, we experienced reduced turnaround times for our clients, further improvement in quality assurance, and increased bottom-line value to our customers."

The DVD-EXTRA STUDIO Regionalization Utility uses the power of DVD-EXTRA™ to automate the creation of all regionalized menus for any DVD. The Regionalization Utility maximizes customers' time by using the original menu assets, produced in programs such as Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, as the template to automatically create the regionalized versions. For ZOOtech customers, the regionalization process can be standardized, removing error prone manual processes and improving productivity. More importantly, each customer can leverage assets created for one project by storing translations in a repository and using stored translations for subsequent projects.

Translation costs are reduced as dictionaries are standardized and formatting of menus becomes flexible based on the rules created for each regional version. The cost reductions and labor savings are directly proportionate to the number of languages used in the project. Finally, the Regionalization Utility enables the efficient production of DVD-Video disc images for approval purposes -- streamlining the quality control process.

"Each step in the development of DVD-EXTRA STUDIO and it applications, such as the Regionalization Utility, is done with the input and insight of our customers," said Gordon Doran, President, ZOOtech, Inc. "The Regionalization Utility for DVD-EXTRA STUDIO gives licensees, authoring houses and entertainment creators the best tool to bring their creations to the world simply and efficiently."

The Regionalization Utility for DVD-EXTRA STUDIO is available now for all current licensees of DVD-EXTRA STUDIO. For more information about how to become a licensee of DVD-EXTRA STUDIO, please contact


Using conventional DVD authoring systems to create interactive DVD-Video content is enormously complex, laborious and costly. DVD-EXTRA STUDIO offers a solution to this. It reduces development costs by automating the most complex, labor intensive and error-prone elements of the design and production phases thus enabling rich interactive content to be delivered comparatively cheaply and efficiently.

DVD-EXTRA is not a new format for DVDs, it does not require any new disc pressing technology and it does not require any amendment of existing standards and specifications. It complies entirely with the DVD-Video specification and DVD-EXTRA content will play on any normal consumer DVD player conforming to that standard.

About ZOOtech

ZOOtech Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sheffield-based ZOO Digital Group plc. (LSE: ZOO.L). ZOOtech pioneered DVD-EXTRA technology to enable CD-ROM style interactivity in the DVD-Video format.

Today, DVD-EXTRA developers worldwide are shaping the future of interactivity by pushing the boundaries of DVD functionality. Non-traditional DVD-Video markets such as advertising, gaming, music, education, and corporate training have begun harnessing the power of DVD-EXTRA to exploit DVD as an interactive communication medium. Universal Pictures, Ascent Media, Comchoice, OUAT Entertainment, and Freestyle New Media Group are among the companies who have already delivered engaging DVD-EXTRA products.

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