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March 21, 2016 09:00 ET

Zootly Launches 'Zoot Cases' -- a Patented Moving and Storage Solution Providing Greater Efficiency, Fewer Damage Claims and More Effective Warehouse Management

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - March 21, 2016) - Zootly, LLC ("Zootly"), a technology company transforming the moving and logistics industry, today launched its new moving and storage solution called -- Zoot Case. The Zoot Case is a patented moving and storage unit which allows a customer or moving company to pack the unit or multiple units lined up, lock them and transport them via standard moving trucks to another location or a storage facility. At a storage facility, the Zoot Cases can be stacked and moved quickly and easily in the proprietary racking system, allowing for greater warehouse efficiency and significantly reduced damage claims.

"The Zootly customers and moving partners have embraced our innovation with our pre-planned or on-demand moving website and application. Now, we're introducing yet another innovation in this space by providing a better, safer and more efficient storage and transport technology with the Zoot Case," said George Colwell, Zootly's CEO. "We are very pleased with the way consumers and moving partners have embraced the Zootly model and we look forward to introducing new ways to create the highest level of customer service in a moving experience -- as our customers have come to expect." 

How does the Zoot Case work?

The Zoot Case is a patented 7-foot-by-7-foot specially engineered storage container with a patented dual-fold door system. It is durable, heavy-duty and weather-resistant. Doors open inside each other when containers are lined up to create a longer unit. Each individual Zoot Case is lockable, fully secure and easy to transport.

An electric jack system allows for quick and safe delivery to residential homes. This system significantly reduces the potential for damage and theft claims. Customers (or movers) can load up the Zoot Case, customers can lock it and then the Zoot Case is transported. Damage most often occurs when loading and unloading a moving van, so with the Zoot Case, materials are loaded into the Zoot Case one time and then the Zoot Case is moved as one unit.

"Movers and Storage Warehouse Managers like that the Zoot Case has the ability to safely stack 3 containers vertically with one on top of another allowing them to maximize storage efficiently," added Colwell. "In the test of the Zoot Cases, our moving partners found a significant reduction in damage claims."

Zootly is currently seeking partners for its Zoot Case business. For more information, please send an email to Commercial availability for the Zoot Case service is expected to be fall of 2016.

Zootly Moving and Delivery Services

The Zoot Case service expands the moving and delivery offerings by Zootly for both consumer and commercial customers who use the Zootly web-based service or moving application. In addition to the innovative Zoot Case storage system, Zootly also provides a network of rigorously vetted moving partners for moving and delivery services.

Customers simply go to the Zootly website -- -- or download the Zootly application, answer a few questions, receive an estimate, set up the pick-up, track the delivery or move, and then pay through Zootly. 

For more information about Zootly, or to inquire about becoming a partner, please visit To download the Zootly app, visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

About Zootly

Traditional moving services require a multi-hour booking reserved days, weeks and even months in advance. By contrast, Zootly, launched in 2015, deploys vehicles and staff whenever needed via the Zootly website or the Zootly app. Residential or commercial customers can then track movers, delivery teams and trucks from their phones to get instant updates. Businesses benefit from these services, which allow them to complete business moves or deliver their products or equipment efficiently without the costly overhead of owning trucks and employing delivery crews. Movers benefit from the Zootly service because it significantly reduces their sales and marketing costs for acquiring new customers, and filling their underutilized trucks. Zootly moves within a 100-mile radius of Manhattan.

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