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July 10, 2006 06:00 ET

Zultys Releases New Family of VoIP Phones

New SIP Phones Provide Business Users With Excellent Acoustic Quality, Support for Remote Workers and Color Displays

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 10, 2006 -- Zultys Technologies today announced the release of four new VoIP phones to complement its existing range of nine wired phones and two wireless phones. The new models vary in price and features, have a completely new design, and offer greater choices for customers.

All four phones have the following features in common:

--  call control using SIP to permit interoperability with a broad range
    of SIP products
--  full duplex speaker phone that has excellent speech quality using a
    custom designed acoustic chamber for the speaker and advanced acoustic
    echo cancellation
--  patented jitter buffer to assure the highest quality when talking over
    the Internet
--  3.5 mm headset jack (pink and green) that permits the use of standard
--  20 keys and 15 buttons ensure functions are easily accessible and not
    buried in soft menus
--  128 bit AES encryption to ensure that conversations are secure
--  four Ethernet ports with true line rate switch
--  four call appearances that permit four separate calls or a conference
    with up to five parties
--  large backlit LCD that can be tilted to adjust viewing angle
--  management by TFTP or HTTP file download or HTTP browser
The ZIP 4x4L and the ZIP 4x5L have graphical monochrome LCDs. The ZIP 4x4B and ZIP 4x5B have graphical color LCDs, a USB port, and Bluetooth to support wireless headsets and the BTC conference phone that Zultys previously released.

The ZIP 4x4L is designed for business owners that want a fully functional phone for the office. The ZIP 4x5L is designed for the remote worker because it includes a complete router with VPN, NAT, firewall, and DHCP server. This phone also has an analog port to provide local PSTN telephony service allowing a remote worker to publish a local phone number and dial emergency numbers. It can therefore be easily plugged into the broadband device to provide IP telephony, access to network resources, and the full functionality of the PBX at the headquarters, to a user away from the main office. The ZIP 4x4B and the ZIP 4x5B provide similar functionality for office and remote workers but offer additional capabilities.

"We have invested heavily in acoustic testing and are certain that these phones sound better than anything on the market today," said Patrick Ferriter, VP of Product Marketing at Zultys. "Zultys is definitely in the phone business and will stay ahead of our competitors in this space."

A summary of the differences between phone models is given in the following table:

FEATURE              ZIP 4x4L      ZIP 4x4B      ZIP 4x5L      ZIP 4x5B
-------              --------      --------      --------      --------
Analog ports            0             0             1             1
LCD (graphical)      monochrome     color        monochrome     color
PoE                    yes           yes            no           yes
Headset               3,5 mm        3,5 mm        3,5 mm        3,5 mm
USB                     no           yes            no           yes
VPN, NAT, Firewall      no            no           yes           yes
Bluetooth               no           yes            no           yes
Voice dialing           no           yes            no           yes

Jack Valko, Director of IT Operations at, said, "We have been using ZIP 4x4 phones from Zultys for some time now and have been happy with the way they have performed. I've been able to review the new ZIP 4x4L and am impressed with the new design touches, especially the backlit LCD. Plus, the new phone's acoustics are superb. We evaluated a number of other phones, and the Zultys handsets have the features and functionality we need."

"These phones are a great complement to the recent product introductions by Zultys," said George MacDonald, President at Coastal Telephone, a Zultys reseller located in Portland, Maine. "The ZIP 4x4L demonstrates that Zultys knows how to build products with superior acoustics that are truly easy to use. My customers are extremely happy with the performance of the new ZIP 4x4L, the BTC conference phone and the WIP 2 Wi-Fi phone. And they like the new color scheme of these phones as well."

Pricing and Availability:

The ZIP 4x4L phone is available in global distribution now. Other models will become available over the next four to 10 weeks. The phones are fully managed in release 3.0 of the software for the Zultys MX30 and MX250, which goes on general availability today. Prices are competitive with other manufacturers' phones and can be obtained through the global resellers of Zultys products. Further details are available at:

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