January 29, 2007 08:02 ET

ZyLAB Announces New White Paper Titled "Efficient and Cost-Effective Email Management with XML"

Best Practice White Paper to Appear in February Issue of KM World

VIENNA, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 29, 2007 -- ZyLAB, an innovative developer of Information Access Solutions, today announced the immediate availability of it latest white paper focused on e-discovery and email management. "Efficient and Cost-Effective Email Management with XML" provides readers with insight into the benefits of building an email management system with an XML foundation to adhere to today's email compliance requirements without breaking the bank. This best practice white paper will appear in the February issue of KM World as well as for download at

This paper outlines the capabilities required for good email management that are fully supported by an XML framework. For example:

--  Capturing: Make sure flexibility is built into your email capturing
    solutions, especially in terms of allowing individual users to archive
    emails directly from MS-Outlook in the proper sections of a filing plan.
    Also, the full capture of all email must be allowed from your email servers
    for auditing and enforcement purposes.
--  Storing: Email needs to be stored in an open (non-database) format
    that is endurable and sustainable. You do not want to continually convert
    email collections over time.
--  Analyzing and enhancing content: Make sure that automatic coding, text-
    mining, OCR (of bitmap attachments) and automatic translation tools are
    available to help you get 100% recall.
--  Searching: Demand an advanced full-text search engine that can search
    terabytes of data.
--  De-duplication: Find exact and near duplicates, which will often
    reduce the size of your data collection by 50% and save you time in the
    remaining phases.
--  Review: Make sure that you can review documents quickly on their merit
    for the case and determine where redactions need to be applied.
--  Redaction: Ensure that you can redact confidential, sensitive and
    private information.
--  Disclosure: Rely on XML-based Web technology to securely disclose
    documents to other parties or burn relevant data to CD or DVD, which can
    lead to significant cost savings (such as on paper in extensive
"Organizations that implement an XML-based email management system will not only save significant money but will have a long-term, open format solution that will ensure information can be accessed from one week ago or 50 years ago," said Dr. Johannes Scholtes, President, ZyLAB North America LLC. "Complying with today's mandated e-discovery requirements necessitates the use of XML platforms for optimal email management and storage."

About ZyLAB

For over 20 years, ZyLAB has provided commercial and government organizations around the world with award-winning information access solutions. The ZyIMAGE Information Access Platform is a complete XML-based system that provides a secure foundation for the long-term archiving, management and retrieval of information, from digitized paper documents, to electronic files, to email and attachments, to multimedia.

With over 7,500 installations and 350,000 users worldwide, ZyLAB has a wealth of experience and knowledge across a variety of industries and business applications. Federal clients include the Executive Office of the President and the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Homeland Security, Justice and Defense, as well as all branches of the US Armed Forces and investigative teams at the FBI, SEC, and Amtrak's OIG. Hundreds of state and local governments also rely on ZyLAB, such as The State of California, Montgomery County, Maryland, and The Town of Jackson, Wyoming. ZyLAB's numerous commercial clients include leading companies like American Express, Anheuser-Busch, Dominion Virginia Power, Lockheed Martin, Pacific Life, and Shell Oil. For more information visit:

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